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by: Tharun Jayaprasad *Knock knock*, who’s at the door? You do look familiar, have we met before? Oh yes, how can I forget you! You are just the person I was looking for. Boy! how different you seem from what I had heard and seen. Gleaming with honesty and those eyes draped in the fabric of impartiality, Lady Justice, that’s how I hoped that you would have been. Why is that now, the satin on your eyes lies tilted? The eye covered, is turned away from the helpless cries, The one peeking ensures the creatures who play you and wreck you,  Stay untouched, undisputed. Why is that now, the balance leans more to a side? While one of them is empty, unsatisfied, The other is well looked after, though lacking any rationale, That makes you, for them, fight. Why is that now, the sword which you once yielded to fight…

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