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by: Aaditya Shankar Natarajan Number One (sung in the tune of Ten Duel Commandments from Hamilton, the musical) (Two) So I’m turning 20 soon. It’s a weird feeling. Unsettling. Anywhere between a quarter to a fifth of my life is done. Or, maybe it’s 99.99% done. Who knows. Talking or thinking about death makes me feel weird, so I hardwire my brain into not thinking about it, often to a point of ignorance or insensitivity.  (Three)*insert Brooklyn Nine-Nine’s flashback static sound*  (Four)This piece doesn’t have flashbacks, these ‘statics’ are just here for transition. I couldn’t think of anything better. Even if I did, I wouldn’t have used them. These are still pretty cool, no? (Five) *B99 static*  (Six) I’ve never really looked forward to or overtly enjoyed my birthdays. This is not to say I dislike my birthdays – I just don’t LIKE like them. I don’t really get increasingly…

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