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Caps, Gowns and Beyond - Urvisa Agarwal

Graduation day isn’t just an ending; it’s a promising new start. Armed with knowledge and skills, graduates step into careers or further studies, ready to contribute their expertise and make a positive impact on the world. The day of university graduation is an extraordinary milestone, symbolizing the shift from academic pursuits to the world of professional responsibilities. It captures not only personal achievement but also the broader essence of the educational journey. The significance of university graduation day goes beyond personal accomplishments, reflecting the broader pursuit of knowledge and the societal progress that education enables. It serves as a celebration of individual triumph along with the collective quest for wisdom and lifelong learning. The path leading to graduation day is a journey of dedication and perseverance. It begins with the excitement of stepping onto campus as a newcomer, full of curiosity and anticipation about the future. Over the years, students en
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AMIDST THE SILENCE - Helan Maria Cyrill

In broad daylight, ‘midst Manipur’s streets so wide, Two women, young and old, in despair reside, Paraded naked, their dignity denied, Groped, molested, their faith set aside. Alone they stood, under countless eyes’ glare, Their hearts turned cold, burdened with the nightmare, Alone they cried, their voices filled the air, Seeking justice, they stood, a silent, solemn pair. Pain nestled deep within, they stood their ground, Grief welling up, they rose, courage they found, Hoping to be heard, voices in resound, But silence and inaction was all around. Hearts heavy, wounds revealed months later on, A nation stirred, conscience awakened, dawned upon, Yet, did they speak out, or remain withdrawn, As a land lay scarred, with stories left unsung. In the background, a land so vast, so wide, Scarred by flames, ashes and tears coincide, Tales untold, within its soil reside, Amidst widows in white, dreams set aside. Families broken, laughter fades away, Homes destroyed, tears flow day by day, Be

The Day you Left - Vaishnavi S

You rowed back to us, But the sea was angry, Waves were wild, And you struggled. We saw you coming closer, But then a big wave Took you away As we watched you drown. We searched for you so hard, We could hear and sense you, You weren’t far, But we couldn’t see you. You never said you were leaving, You never said goodbye, You were gone before we knew it, And only God knows why. The sky cried with us that day, Rain poured down, As if even the heavens knew, You belonged here on the ground. If tears could make a path, And heartaches build a way, We’d walk to heaven’s gate, To bring you back today. We all started walking together, But you got lost on the way, We waited so long, But you never came back. We still hope you’ll find your way, Follow the light we keep, And rejoin us someday, For we’re still waiting, love runs deep. In life, we loved you so, In death, love continues to grow, In our hearts, you’ll always know, No one else can fill your place, that’s for sure.

CALLING IT A DAY - Ayush Kumar Choudhary

I set out on a journey for you, To find you among the rest, But things got unclear and unsure, So I built a bridge from east to west. I waited at the bay with longing, Yet, let’s say, the day was done. In this vast sea of sand, You painted mirages in the sun. As I sank in shifting sands, You took my oars, headed to land, By the bay’s edge, where I lay, Breathing out, I called it a day. Tired and weary, I’m worn, You can go, explore the morn, Chase treasures on your own way, Warm sands invite me to stay. Watching sunsets from the bay, I embrace the night, no delay. Mesmerized, I have no fear, I trust destiny, the path is clear. I am content, at peace within, Beginning a journey, new and thin, It’s time to leave this familiar bay, For everything else, I bid goodbye today.

Gallery - Krishna Prabhakar

It’s just a summary;like a gallery Filled not with Paintings or statues but With waiting and long queues Queues to the heart Waiting in the mind; Your blacks and reds blend to form the loneliest brown Just like crusty leaves of autumn; The night sky questions Why the grey formed by combining two Opposites feels like four crosses… My soul wanders It wonders how home feels less like home and more like you; Eyes see how rainbows Are less vibrant than the clothes you wear; Ears hear how catty Can turn into flattery; Hands not typing to stop you but just to tell That… It’s just a summary…

The Human Experience - Rayhan Subi

Humans are social beings. We seek to form meaningful relationships and often find solace and comfort in being around the people we love. We feel happier and more confident when we are with those we are close to. We derive many of our values, thoughts, and knowledge from the people we surround ourselves with. The peer pressure we experience from our social groups significantly influences the choices we make. Social relationships are of great importance to everyone. But why do we need friends and partners? Most people would say that their partners and friends bring out the best in them. Others would express that they feel ‘complete’ when they are with certain people. All of these reasons are valid. Relationships are an integral part of life, and everyone deals with them in different ways. This social culture and influence from others constitute the social aspect of the human experience. Now, let’s delve into the question of whether we truly understand ourselves. I don’t mean just knowing

Self-reflection on the Ego - Ayush Kumar Choudhary

We have all been through phases where we don’t know why we feel sad or gloomy, and similarly, we have also experienced times of happiness. Even though it’s not really us who want to be sad or happy or feel those emotions within us, there is something that compels us to experience them. It does not ask for our permission; on the contrary, it’s just out of our control. For example, when we see someone we know succeed, we feel something within us, maybe a voice. We can observe clearly that there is something within us that is not at ease now. Similarly, if someone we know fails, the same kind of conflict or buzz can arise within us. This phenomenon has been experienced by our ancestors, older generations, and us. It’s called the Ego (with a capital E). It’s something we are born with, and it is inevitable as human beings not to have it. But then the question arises: what can we do? How can we get rid of the buzz it produces or how can we minimize its control over us? The one possible answ