Our Personal Hells

Author: Manya Prasad

Hot mess, middle of a meltdown

Bad decisions, over tequila.

Drunken conversation,

Hushed secrets.

Building fortresses,

Entrapping your hearts.

Famished for love,

Greedy for approval.

Giving into attraction,

Hot men in unknown beds,

Losing yourself to the touch.

Angry angst, scars invisible

Mascara stains in restrooms.

Glazed eyes, peeping hurt.

Hoping for honesty,

Hiding behind facades.

Deceiving and pretending,

Weaving spider webs of lies.

Rat races, running in circles

Shards of dreams,

Shattered aeons ago.

Wishing for freedom,

Losing it to snorts of cocaine.

Being hounded by our demons

Handcuffing ourselves to our past.

Trying to numb the pain,

With an affluence of pills.

Surrounded  by concern,

Stifling antagonizing concern

Widened eyes and caring words.

Hollow hearts, faint souls

Hoping to heal,

With puffs of cigars.

Each puff like,

A bullet to the soul.

Reading too much into,

Half-felt words.

Living a fictional reality,

Under the influence.

Entrapped in our addictions,

Our own personal hells.

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