To A Social Media Life

Author: Aabirbhab

To a Social Media life

I used to rush up and down 

Afraid of the dark creaking wooden stairs

Scared of the monsters maybe

Concealed in the corners of darkness

I was naive when I was young

Now I am more of a scaredy-cat than I was

Am afraid to run and fall off the stairs

I ruined the fun game of hide and seek 

Even for the monsters its not fun anymore

So they have decided to stop the chase

I turn off the lights and lie on the bed

Silently the darkness encroaches my bed

But now I don’t call out for my mom

To come and save me

But slip myself under the blanket

So that she can’t see me

And the monsters lying within me

Look after yourself,

As much as you look at Instagram.

Chat with your family and friends,

As much as you text on WhatsApp.

Look Beautiful every day; every time,

Not only on your daily Snaps.

Now and then try to listen to yourself,

More than you put on to Spotify.

For once, really fall in love,

Rather than swiping right on Tinder.

It is always fun to play games with family,

Than getting “chicken dinner” on PUBG.


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