The Blame Game

Author: Aaditya

It’s been light years since the lockdown started. Light-years since I’ve been stuck at home. Yeah, I know that a light-year is a unit of distance. And, yes, the lockdown has gotten to my brain. 

Anyway, the point here is that everyone is bored out of their minds. And there’s a limit to binge-watching, snacking and sleeping (not really, but I must say this). So, to kill your boredom, I’ve come up with an all-new unique and innovative game. 

Drumroll, please. 

The game is, “The Blame Game!” 

This game comes in two versions – Micro and Macro. Both modes don’t require any preparation, setup or materials. All you require is the ability and will to complain. Both can be played individually as well as with your friends and family. 


A. Single-player(Micro and Macro are both the same, depends on whom you choose to blame): Take up any problem that you think affects you. Now, think of the last person that could have caused the problem. Blame them for causing the problem. 

B. Multiplayer(Micro/Friends and Family mode): In this, you should take turns blaming everyone who’s playing the game with you. You can blame them for anything and everything, from taking your last chocolate to taking your charger or changing the TV channel when you’re watching your favourite show. You get the point. This mode is so elusive that even those around you who initially didn’t want to play, get involved. 

Fair warning/added advantage (Glass half empty/half full situation): If and when the game gets too intense, it might convert into a real-life simulation of Call of Duty, PUBG or whichever you like least. Or, it can convert into an extremely condensed version of the Cold War. Note: most effects wear off by the next morning, but no promises can be made. 

C. Multiplayer(Macro mode): This is perhaps the simplest of all. In this, get together with your friends and family and blame people other than the ones in the house. You can blame the government for ruining the economy. You can blame China for the coronavirus. You can blame literally anyone for anything. 

Note: There might be some people who will want to make you listen to reason, or use facts and logic. Try to not let this affect you or your concentration. This will definitely spoil the game for you. For those of you who are that person, it is highly recommended that you participate at your own risk.

Hope this game acts as a surge of relief.

Happy playing and may the odds be ever in your favour!


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