Author: Atulya Subash

Do you have that one spot where you find yourselves going to, when you feel low? 

A place you could go to, and hope to make all your problems disappear. Or a place you go, to spend some quality time with yourself. I’m sure you do and if you do, you know it has inherently become a part of you. It could be somewhere away from your home, a little spot tucked away in some place peaceful. Or it could simply be a warm, cozy corner at home which is meant just for you. It’s a place where you go to get answers or peace or whatever it is, that you’re so intently looking for. And somehow magically, you always find it there. For me, it’s a snug corner on my bed. It’s a place that I share with nobody but myself.

Sometimes these places give you a sense of comfort and warmth that cannot be received from people around you.

However, sometimes for people, that place is not a physical place but a person. A person who they consider as their safe haven. If you’re fortunate enough, this person will always remain as your refuge in times of trouble. But more often than not, we lose some of our human diaries along the way. We wander about, feeling lonely or incomplete until, life comes a full circle and you find someone new to share your thoughts and feelings with, again.

Having wandered from place to place, I’ve now sought permanent residence in one such place that is wholly, completely and forever mine and mine alone. That place is myself. No matter where/who your special ‘place ‘ is, it is important to have yourself as your go-to special place. You are your home and you will always be welcomed there. You can make it the coziest, warmest and happiest place on Earth. In your most emotionally vulnerable times, you’ll always have yourself to lift yourself back up, because you are your biggest cheerleader. Expecting others to make you happy in a way you yourself cannot is a bit too hypocritical. 

Each one has a different special ‘place’ to call their own. Whatever this place is, wherever this place is, I hope you always find your way back to yourself, while finding more such new places along the way.


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  1. Athulya your views &,expression about life Will surely help to instill selfconfidence and optimism in everybody’s minds espcially among youth who are confused at times and choose wrong path in search of happiness & comfort

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