Love a Detriment

Author: Manya Prasad

I felt his helplessness,

As he lived with her reality,

Her journey stagnated,

His hope to roam still unbroken,

Her heart is still inebriated.

The sky is changing colours,

Fascinating like a kaleidoscope.

Their changing emotions,

Overpowering all their senses.

Trying to forget his illustrious dreams,

While the alcohol rusted his insides.

Their existence,

A fragile compromise

Her happiness for his dreams.

Living in their mansion,

of delusional happiness.

Turning a blind eye,

To chaos within.

Refusing to acknowledge,

the darkness at bay.

His dreams martyred,

He murdered the poetry in her.

She spiralled down with hurt,

Obsessing with her mistakes.

Maddened by the emptiness within.

Feeling lost in the pathless woods,

Ignorant to the fragrant wildflowers.

Together in their vicious damage,

refusing to let go,

Love their slow poison.

The avalanches

going off in his head.

Trying to calm the storm within.

His desires, hopes, and dreams,

Are like the songs of yesteryears

As she faces the truth of life.

His angst and desolation,

Turns him bitter to her existence.

Their future haunted by their past,

The hidden wounds of their heart,

Wishing the love away.

The avalanches

going off in her head.

Staying unmoved on the outside.

Still looking for happiness

Her peace with the desolation,

The loneliness scares her.

He hides his disappointment,

With a well-weaved veil.

As the leaves flew waywardly,

Their destruction was imminent.

Maybe their love was the curse,

That hollowed their souls.

But maybe they survived each other,

And maybe found light in the darkness.


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