A Failure’s Revenge

Author: Aabirbhab

My past’s a regret,

And my present is in pain

So I walked the darkest alley

Under a very desiccated rain

There are no clouds

The sky is clear

Can’t even feel a single raindrop

Although I’m stripped bare 

Yet, my eyes are moist

Tangy drops drizzle down my face

My body’s earned more bruises than skin

My soul’s tired from this chase

But my future’s a Machiavellian

My life’s an arrow on a bow

No matter how much you drag me back

I will pierce through you with my flow

I’m a lion

Hiding under a kitten’s cape

Don’t dare to belittle me

 You can’t maneuver my unyielding rage

Sitting in the farthest corner

Away from the spotlight

Grasping for the right moment

To bully the bully’s might

No matter how much dirt you had

 To sabotage my status

Look carefully, because now

I’m about to bloom, shining like a lotus

Hard work is brutal

And prodigies are just an excuse

It was this world’s dissing gaze

That made persistence my only choice

Who am I?

I’m pride’s worst nightmare

Where am I?

In the shadows, right behind you

What am I?

A fear that you never accredited

I’m not someone’s passion

That you can look up to

I’m just a Failure’s Revenge

That’s been triggered by you


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