Sorry for Our Loss

Author: Manya Prasad

Why did the posters appear,
After he pulled the trigger.
Why wait for the broken soul
To be housed in a broken body.
You are here to hear the stories,
Sensational and painful
Not a broken man’s tale.
You saw no red flags,
You say, but you ignored,
All the barely hidden scars.
You wanted it to be more,
More than just depression.
Hoping that it is immense turmoil,
Maybe a little more rational.
She wished she could outgrow,
The internal demons,
He hoped these
Cheery Instagram quotes
Carried something other
Than falsehoods.
She wishes you could
have just ignored her,
Maybe it would have saved her.
The funerals scare you,
But the razor didn’t,
Cause then she was just,
Another attention seeking person.
His cries for sympathy,
overreacting to a little fun?
You saw her as an outsider,
But you refused to see her.
You question their strength,
Try to pin it all on cowardice.
But you refused to answer,
His pleas of help,
They were loud and clear,
In his shagged hair,
In her loud music.
Did you not notice,
Her trying to disappear,
Or you hoped she would
Slowly fade away.
Her teary stories,
Need understanding, not salvation.
You and I are both to blame,
We let the system,
Break his soul,
We aided and abetted a murder,
Unknowingly, without an afterthought.
No, he was not an angel,
But he didn’t deserve
The pain, the shame, the hurt.
Don’t let her death,
Be all that is left of her.
these senseless deaths,
Have to mean something.
Otherwise, we are just in a rut.
So let’s unload the guns,
Before she pulls the trigger,
Let’s heal each other,
Before we turn stone cold.


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