A Million Desires and An Ardent Soul

Author: Pragya

Distraught, devastated,  and desolate

Questioning, “Is defeat my only fate?”, 

Standing at the edge of her life, again 

filled with anger, remorse, and pain.

Knocked all the doors, but they remained closed.

All paths faded as if hopelessness stranded.

Shivering, shattered and shaken from inside

Diffident, denied, her sole purpose had died.

“You know stones and obstacles always hit hard.

Its a journey for the brave, not for the coward.

Ending your suffering and stopping here is also a choice  

No pain, no strain, and hence you may rejoice”, said a voice.  


“But that would be the murder of all your goals

 and all your desires demise. 

As dear, this is only the beginning of your struggles

for the Dreams, you dream are worth the price”

“Then”, she replied, ” layer my paths with stones of flame 

for the fire to achieve is burning in my eyes.

Flood these roads with obstacles and deep pits to fall.

I don’t fear turning into ashes, I despise cowardice  

I may dearth the strength and power 

But I will re-rise for the passion and zeal I behold

I may lose everything on my way 

 But my story won’t go untold.

As there are a million desires that drive my soul,

A million desires and I, an ardent soul.


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