A Child’s Drought

Poet: Aabirbhab

I spent my youth

Living under a heavy downpour

Fearing my mom’s lightning anger

And my dad’s thundering roar

I used to run and hide under a shed

To warm myself away from this fret

The weather was a turbulent mess

And they harbored an ache in my chest

People around advised

 And told the rain to stop

“Let the little house arrest

Live alive in an independent world”

My friends laughed 

seeing me stuck indoors

Mockery and jokes were traded

Of being such a bore


I cried and longed for

Their chains to break free

So I could cherish everything

As far as I could see

But they would rain on me

Whenever I wanted to be me

So I used to curse the rain

Begged to set me free from this pain

Years after years,

 the rain finally stopped

Gates that had locked me

 finally dropped

  I saw the mist fade out

 along with the storm

I finally saw the dessert

that I was protected from

 From hungry Hyenas

 to ruthless kins

Everything and everyone was

engulfed within the 7 sins

It was the rain

who brought life to my everything

It was the rain

who painted my ecosystem green  

I gaze across my empty room 

And found no one to stop me

I could run, I could play

Might meet someone like me

I could dance, I could sing

Might be someone I wanted to be

But I wanted to quench my thirst

Wanted rain to again stop me be me

Before leaving my habitat

I sulked on the stairs of the hallways

Crying and laughing I remorsed

Every time they rained day by day

I wish I could share the burden in the past

But am too afraid to see the way it will last

For one last time, I looked up at the sky

And wished the heavens to cry


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