15 Things To Remember When You Are Feeling Down

Author: Manya Prasad

Do you sometimes feel like you don’t belong, or you have been given a membership to a club you don’t belong in? These 15 things will help you feel more at ease with yourself. Here is something that will help you feel better when you don’t feel good enough.  

Number 15: You not the only one who feels like this

You are not the only one who has felt like a fraud, everyone at times feels like they are not good enough. Moreover, it’s alright to feel this way. Sometimes there are going to be people better than you. It doesn’t mean that you are to be valued less.

Number 14: Your mind is a good deceiver

Sometimes the only person who thinks you are not good enough is you. Be careful of this line of thinking, it can be a very treacherous path to take. When you start thinking like this, remember to re-check the facts your brain is feeding you; it might be all lies.

Number 13: Talk to someone

Find someone to share your feelings with. It can be anyone you trust. It can be a friend, a teacher, a parent or a sibling. Make sure it is someone who will not judge. 

Number 12: Find your unique quality

When you are feeling overwhelmed by your thoughts of insufficiency and being snowballed into your thoughts of despair, remember to find something unique about yourself, and find the one thing you are doing good at.

Number 11: Think about your positive memories

Take out your phone and note down all your positive memories. Even add the times you didn’t feel good enough but did something to improve things. Think about all the times you did feel good enough, and hold down that feeling. Whenever you feel your confidence drop, think about these times.

Number 10: Understand the difference between real and reel

Everybody posts their best lives on Instagram, most of the time everything posted is not even completely true. It is a very twisted and beautified version of real life. Comparing your real life to someone’s reel life is pointless. Their own life is probably not that good.

Number 9: Accept your past 

Before you think about your present or plan for your future, do remember to deal with your past feelings. Sometimes destructive emotions from your past can wreck your present.

Number 8: Make someone else happy

Sometimes making other people happy or feel good can do wonders for your mood. Give a genuine compliment to someone, offer your help, even if it is unasked for. It will definitely make you feel better about yourself.

Number 7:  Pen it down

Sometimes we are unable to vent out our emotions or talk to someone else about it. It is a good thing to write it all down. Get all the swirling thoughts out of your head and onto a paper. Along with venting,  it also helps you untangle all your feelings and problems, and look for their solutions.

Number 6: Don’t be mean to yourself 

Don’t beat yourself up, there are more productive ways to handle feeling unimportant and unwanted. Remember to channel these feelings more productively. Try to use these emotions to do better in your chosen field.

Number 5: Failure is important

Something important to acknowledge is that failure is very important in life. So when things seem to go wrong, remember that maybe all it is doing is teaching you a lesson. So that when bigger things come your way, life becomes easier and you don’t make the same mistakes.

Number 4:  You don’t need everyone’s approval

Most of the time, the opinions of a third person tend to destroy our self-esteem. When this happens remember we cannot please each person we meet. Be careful about whose opinion you give value to.

Number 3: You are still trying

Most important thing is to remember that the only thing that matters is that you are still standing your ground. The fact that you are still trying is impressive. In bad times remember that trying is better than losing and more beautiful than winning.

Number 2: Everybody compares themselves

When you feel like everybody is doing better than you, there is a chance that people are comparing themselves to you and feeling inferior. Nobody is the best and there is always someone better. Healthy competition is good but doesn’t let it make you feel inferior.

Number 1: Nobody is perfect

While you pressurise yourself into feeling perfect, just remember that nobody is perfect. So when you feel like picking at all your flaws, remember that everyone has flaws. 


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