The One As One

Author: Siddharth Dhaka

“Professor”. What’s the first thing that comes to your mind? A strict person dressed in a subtle attire ready to feed your boredom. I get it and it’s okay to imagine that. The point is, if the same professor gets annoyed at you for anything, you’d say “I hate this professor” and here is the tea- you hate the professor, not the person. We have this inherent problem of looking at people ‘as someone’, ‘of someone’, ‘to someone’, ‘like someone’. The moment you look at a person as an individual living and thinking body, you’ll really know the person one to one and trust me, being one to one with someone has chucked a streak of doubts in relationships.

Charity begins at home, they say so. Let’s take the example of your mother. Overtime, she gets anxious regarding lots of things; it starts reflecting in her behavior and we do find it irritating, especially at this age. Now look at her as a singular lady without strings attached. You’ll be less angry at her, you know it. Maybe the time and space she was born and brought up in and then a revolving storm of married life with its demands made her the person she is today. She is a normal human being, a girl who grew up to be a woman and met you. Or let’s take the example of your father. You know, he had loved the idea of freedom at his age, he is creative, he is fun too but you guys live together and sometimes it gets a bit twisted, but that’s alright.

We are very fast at relating people to certain situations, places, people and what not. This is what gives rise to hate and bad judgement. If the world had had the right eye and heart, there would not have been African slaves in the States, anti- religion protests and the list goes on. It’s time to loosen the threads and smile a bit at each other. We have become cruel and a bit too straightforward in the fast- paced world. Try to understand the internal struggles of a person, he’s the result of those. This is true knowledge.    


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