Author: Atulya

It’s 7:55 am. You rush to brush your teeth and wash your face, If you’re bold enough to spare a minute on it, that is. Else you just put on a pair of jeans and sprint to class. Doesn’t matter where your class is. Doesn’t matter if you know which class it is. You just let your body get you far away from your hostel. You can check your timetable for which class and where it is on the way to wherever you’re going. All that matters is that you’re on your way to getting attendance for some class because you really, desperately need it. 

It’s 8:30 am. You wake up feeling a little guilty you slept in for 30 minutes more but then, you remember the 8 am lecture is a distant nightmare. Because it’s now been over six months since we left the mundane busy life for something we’ve always longed for. A never-ending vacation.

A never-ending stay at home when you least expect it is what dreams are made of; is what we’d all agree upon, until some months ago.

But I think it’s now safe to say, not anymore.

Here are some things I long for the most right now. Having a filter coffee from FC on a rainy day. Sitting at Foodys while having ice-cream I just bought from Amul. Arguing with that uptight faculty for attendance. Bribing the Anna at Foodys with cake, so that he lets us get away with torturing the birthday boy/girl. Going to Tara Maa after CATs. Putting a proxy attendance for a lazy friend. Late night conversations with roommates. The list goes on. 

It’s all of these little joys and other mundane things that I hated, that I miss the most now. 

We tend to take a lot of things for granted because they seem insignificant when we get to experience it every single day. But the truth is, all these little insignificant things add up to moments and memories that finally sum up to what we call, life.

So until the next time we share a coffee at FC or maybe wave at a friend from across the road, let’s cherish the good times and hope that we get to live them again.


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