The Ultimate Guide to Online Classes

Author: Aaditya

*DISCLAIMER* — The content of this article is of a humorous and satirical nature. Please don’t try what is mentioned here. Respect your professors by listening in class, they work hard to try and educate us. They are also new to this whole online class system. And finally, please don’t let important bandwidth go to waste :). 

2020, as a year, has left us in deep water. But we, as individuals, as families and as a society, are doing our best to improvise, adapt and overcome. Spending on shopping, travel, and dining out has gone down. And expenditure on some things, that we used to think we could live without, like WiFi, mobile data, and streaming services, has gone up. 

Speaking of useless and expensive things reminds me of online classes. Another way we’ve adapted to the pandemic. 

Most of us aren’t really accustomed to the online classes, right? You know, constantly staring at a screen for a long time, not moving from your place, that sort of stuff. It’s a whole new concept! 

So, I’ve come up with some easy steps to be on top of your work, and overcome the demon of online classes. 

First and foremost, something that many of us often overlook — sleep. Always aim at getting a quality sleep. It is very important to sleep during online classes, so that you can binge watch comfortably at night. And I learnt this the hard way. In the first week of online classes, I actually listened to what the teacher was saying! 

The other important thing to keep in mind about online classes is some self defence techniques. It’s a dark world out there, and self defence is always important. I have mentioned a few of the most basic approaches here. First, always stay alert, and listen carefully for your name. If you’ve decide to follow step 1, and sleep during the class, designate a friend of yours to call you and inform you when you’ve been called out in the class, and then immediately respond with, “Ma’am/Sir, can you please repeat? I have a very bad network.” Other methods include, disabling the mic from your computer settings — a foolproof solution, so that the mic appears on, but no sound is heard. A last, and a much more obvious technique, recheck if the mic and camera are off, especially when you’re deciding to get a snack. 

Always stay on top of your work. If you’re the source of assignments, finish your assignment on the morning of the deadline, so that you can send it to your friends. Otherwise, start the assignment as soon as you get it. Time management is extremely important. 

And next — okay BRB I have to finish copying my assignment. 


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