Memories with You

Author: Sneha

It’s a great thing to love and care for someone. Even better when you know deep down, in that cotton candy heart of yours, that someone loves and cares for you more than anything and that nothing on this planet, no, make that the whole universe, can change that. I want you to think of someone important to you. Hopefully someone you’ve made a lot of memories with. Take a moment to notice your face. Don’t hold back; look at yourself in the mirror. That smile, those shimmering eyes, and that soft glow of your face that anyone can see from miles away; beautiful, isn’t it? Did you ever think you’d look so good just by thinking about someone? Neither did I.

If you didn’t get it already when you think of people you are fond of, you will surely have a kind face. Now I want you to notice how I didn’t ask you to think of good memories. Even if the fact doesn’t make you go ‘why?’, I would like to answer the question for you. You see, I believe if someone truly is special to you, then the kind of memories won’t matter. If it’s your favorite person, the sweet, salty, sour, bitter, tangy and what not flavored memories will all make you smile. Keep them close and remind them once in a while. Go down the memory lane with them maybe and say ‘Ah! How nostalgic’.

Now put yourself in place of the important person you initially thought of. Are you still smiling? Do you still have a lot of multi-flavored memories? You must think, this is nuts, why would I be smiling? Well, to that I’d like to say, ‘Do you realize you have amazing memories with other people but not with yourself?’Why do that to yourself? What crime have you committed that you cant spend quality time with yourself? I’m not asking you to go to a cafe, order two cups of coffee and then single-handedly act out a conversation nor do I want you to go splurging to buy stuff that makes you happy. No offense to the ones that like to spend their time like that.

I’m asking you to make your moments with yourself as special as possible. I just want you to keep it simple, because it’s the simple things that make it to your favorite moments’ list. To truly spend time with you, doing the kind of things you’d do with your friends or family maybe. Spend a day only with yourself and your own thoughts. Don’t let anyone come in between the process of connecting with yourself. Daydream if you have to. Shut the door and sing and dance if you have to. Write a letter to yourself. Do something goofy in secret(for starters you could imitate an ape or show the mirror the funniest faces you can make). True, if someone were to see you they would wear the most confused expression and either think you’ve hit your head or….well, think that you actually hit your head. Please don’t let that thought stop you. You’ve been by your side since your first cry. In fact, you’ve seen yourself cry the most. You’ve seen yourself go green with envy, red with rage and so much more cool-sounding-color-with-emotion combos.

You deserve your time the most. You deserve the most number of shimmering moments with yourself. Next time, you think of yourself. You should laugh to the point you wheeze or smile the most loving smile and think that every moment I spent with myself also sparkled. Enough memories to make you go down memory lane and  (as I said before)  make you go ‘How nostalgic’.


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