Father Said

Author: Pritisha

Father said,

“Men don’t cry.”

I wiped my weeping eyes

In an attempt to tear

My tear glands.

Father said,

“Emotions are shades of pink

That we mustn’t harbour

Even if we are feeling

As blue as the blue baby suit worn by a new-born son.”

Father said,

“You have to be the head

And not the toe

Because it is the end of you.”

Father said,

“You are the protector

And protectors don’t flinch at any pain.

You are the protector but not the caretaker,

Caretaking is the dance we cannot perform.

Father said,

“You are the housebuilder

But never the house maker

For those are the bricks and cement

We mustn’t use to construct.”

Father said,

“Men can fight

Even the most daunting monster,

No one would ever take advantage of you,

We are strong enough to fight.”

Father said,

“You won’t be considered man enough

If you don’t follow the rules,

For we are the dolls,

Dancing to the tunes of society

And these are the only dolls

Which don’t emasculate us.”

I told father

I will cry

Out of pity for you

And for the petty society.”

Father gave me a long stare

Before saying,

“Son, I think I will cry with you too.”


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