The One Last Lap

Author: Nishkarsh

It was somewhere around 7:15 PM, the last shift of the swimmers had already started to leave. Meanwhile, I was resting on the edge of the pool, gazing at the night sky. My arms stretched straight and body floating in the water. Usually, at that moment, the philosopher inside me takes over and I could be thinking about anything, ranging from the cat near the hostel to life in outer space. Realizing how small my problems are in front of these stars. Is there any better way to relax after 30 laps of an Olympic sized pool? This experience was dreamlike and no doubt the best part of my day.

I heard something in the water and instantaneously took a push and started swimming. So quick that I did not even take a breath or put my goggles on before rushing. I was swimming the fastest that I could, but each stroke felt like an eternity. At the same time, my body was crying for mercy and wasn’t ready for this one last lap. I turned my head right-side, took a breath. From the periphery of mt vision, I caught sight of the night sky and it was still beautiful. In the water, everything was hazy without the goggles, but I could see the bottom of the pool, a clear blue.

It was the center of the deepest part of the pool which was more than 6 feet deep. I could see someone wriggling in the water; this very second my dream bubble popped. I immediately realized that the person was drowning. I was not a trained rescuer and had no idea how to save him. I grabbed him by his chin and tried to keep him above the water surface. He continued to wriggle and clung to my arm; this way I was going down with him. I managed to free myself from his grip, came to the surface took a deep breath, and then dived underwater again. I grabbed him by his chest and came to the surface. He was heavy and it was difficult to move with him, but somehow I positioned his head on my body and started to backstroke, facing up towards the sky, and yes it was beautiful. Thankfully he was safe. At last, the lifeguards arrived with the first aid kit.

My mind was in a semi-dream state, didn’t even know why I was moving. On the other hand, my body was going through such agony. There was some instinct in me which told me to keep moving on. Not knowing that I was destined for something greater that evening. I guess somethings just happen because they are best for everyone.


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