Social Dilemma: Why?

Author: Vidhya

Dedicated to all the travelers out there, traveling from a developing medium like Instagram to a war-zone like twitter.

All of us are glued to our screens for the past 7-8 months. We have embraced this virtual world with a lot of difficulties, so kudos to us. But certainly, social media has got on our nerves day by day.  We have been through a lot of stress and mental trauma because of social media and have been lead to a situation where we have to take a break from a platform that is meant to help us pass the time during our recess. And recently, I watched this show “Social Dilemma”, an American docudrama streaming on Netflix. This documentary is meant to spread awareness among the public about the ill effects of social media.

This is equally polarizing to the public by demonizing AI. One would have definitely experienced social media’s polarizing effect at least once in their lifetime. For instance, the ongoing case of the mysterious death of Sushant Singh Rajput has brought about a discussion on mental health and its importance in today’s society. To be honest, I actually felt that 2020 might end up being a good year because of this discussion, but things didn’t last for long; it slowly turned into a discussion about movie mafia, nepotism, and disliking trailers. We could find some people taking advantage of this situation and impose their political agenda into the case. The case took a sharp left from #justiceforSSR to #boycotteverybody. But why does this actually happen?

Well, in retrospect, humans are fickle-minded. And the people who understand this the most are orators and influencers. This has been proven right to our beloved politicians and television influencers by Mark Antony in Julius Caesar. As a society, we have always been in a dilemma, then, now, and forever. Even though we have seen a lot of protests for good causes, it will do no good until people are sure of what is right and wrong.


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