The Key to The Door of Peace

Author: Darsh

Happiness does not lie in the external world, our circumstances or the things around us. It is an emotion that we can find only within ourselves; it means that you have to be happy with yourself and your life to be at peace. You are your master of your life, so obviously your happiness depends only on yourself. How you view your life is essential to be at peace. If you have a positive outlook, you will always see the brighter side of things but if you see things with a negative perspective, you will always suffer no matter how good things are. This article is only about self improvement and how to keep a positive outlook about life. If you are at peace with yourself, you can achieve anything that you have dreamt of. The sky is the limit. This is only possible if you accept yourself completely and be content with who you are.

Most of your problems will disappear when you stop focusing on others. You don’t have to compare yourself with anyone; your only comparison should be with the previous version of yourself. There are always going to be some things that you don’t like about yourself and you start comparing yourself with others, but you need to realize that you only get one you. So it is in your best interest to love yourself and focus on your development.

You need to realize that only your opinion about your life matters because people will say things that will make you feel bad about yourself or question yourself. Once you stop caring about what others think and realize that your goal is not to please anyone, you can start working on your setbacks and become a better version of yourself. Only you can decide what you like or dislike. So if you plan things according to what others are doing, you’ll always fall short of finding peace.

Another major reason why people are so stressed is that they don’t have any idea about the path they want to follow. They just keep moving on, day after day without any focus on their goals and lacking vision. These people will eventually become frustrated with life as nothing will bring them peace. They will keep trying out different things to find happiness but won’t set time to prioritize their interests and their goals so that they can shape their future. It’s like shooting in the dark; there is no target. Wherever the arrow hits, that is their new path. If you have an organized plan about your life, irrespective of what others are doing, life becomes easier. Trust me on this. If you keep looking at what others are doing, you will always be discontented because others become the captain of your life.

The path to peace is to be kind, humble and always be interested in learning. Knowledge is everywhere and you can learn from anyone. Just be hungry to learn new things about self development and align your life accordingly. If a person is better than you at something, make them your inspiration and learn, rather than sitting back and comparing yourself with them. Negative emotions will always hold you back and you won’t make any progress. Hence I conclude by reminding you that you are the master of your life. It is in your hands whether to keep progressing or to be engulfed by negativity. Focus on our self improvement and you will find your Narnia of peace.


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