Media Circus

Author: Aaditya

Getting bored at home, after exhausting the libraries of every streaming service? Read all the books available at home? Looking for a cheap source of entertainment while staying at home?

Like many other things these days, I suggest we go retro, and enjoy the amazing art of the Circus.

Now, there would be many questions in your mind. Circus? At home?

After nearly seventy-five years of meticulous research and development, the scientists at ISRO have brought to you circus at the comfort of your home.

The circus, like every other art form, has changed and evolved over the years. It started with stunts and acrobats, then had animals doing stunts and acrobats and now, people partaking in stunts and acrobatics verbally. With this evolution, the flaws, unfortunately, have also manifested themselves in different forms. Circuses used to exploit and mistreat animals, it now mistreats the society, and the people watching it.

Despite that, it’s still a good idea to watch it, albeit not for too long.

And here’s how you do it, in just three simple steps.

Step 1: Switch on your television. That thing in your living room that you used to watch as a kid. Wipe off the dust, you’ll find it then. Yes, that’s the one.

Step 2: Take the remote. That thing that looks like a very old phone, but doesn’t have a screen. Smack a it a few times on your palm. Now you’ve, umm, calibrated the device.

Step 3: The final step. Put on an Indian news channel on the television. I recommend a channel with famous circus-performers, like Arnab, but any channel would provide you with great entertainment.

Now get some popcorn, and enjoy!

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