Our Kind of Forever

Author: Sneha Manohar

We are all aware that nothing lasts forever.

That forever is a romanticised lie.

That everything decays with time.

Which means that one day, ‘we’ will be gone, both individually and as a relationship between two people. It may decay over time or snap like the string of an instrument. What can we do about it? Nothing, sadly. We can’t really control much. We will perish one day. All of us. Maybe you first, or maybe me… Maybe, now that we are in different places , the places keep getting farther apart, next thing you know we only keep going farther away and then it becomes different time zones and the probability takes a nosedive to zero.

Even then, I don’t want you to be disheartened about any of it. A very humane and organic relationship, far from the fairy tales. We disagreed, we didn’t really have much in common. We felt insecure every now and then. We said mean things to each other that we never meant. We hurt each other. We wouldn’t talk for a while. So many more things could be listed but that would just take forever. Yet, with all that happened, we never really strayed far from one another. We neither are there to witness whatever is going on in each others lives at the moment nor do we know everything that is. That is totally okay though.

I know at the end of the day we will make it.

We will still virtually be by each other’s side and nothing can change that.

No one knows the me you do. I knew you before your glow up. I saw you cower. You saw me ugly cry. I heard your voice quiver. You know what I would say in any given situation. I know what would be on your mind.

Where people see  a person that cannot stop talking and is super loud, you see a person whose voice is feeble, someone that stutters, someone that can’t even explain themselves right.

You can read me like a book you have read a million times.

I can sing you like you are my most favorite song.

So, does it really matter if it won’t last forever? Should we really be worrying about the mortality of such things? I say remember that things will soon end. Embrace it and me along with it. Clutch everything that signifies us and celebrate it. Celebrate like we will be gone tomorrow. Every now and then. Tell me how you feel. Tell me how even though such relationships are so common, it feels rarer than a blue diamond. Every now and then, let’s make new memories so that when we go back down memory lane again, it looks like something that can fill the whole world with happiness and warmth.

How we met is already a lost memory; there were no signs that it would be something so cherished in the future. That we would become so close  and familiarity would be second nature and not bore us.

All I know is that it was all gradual, moving so silently to what we are today and that I don’t want it to stop. That I want to nurture it and let it’s roots grow in deeper than usual so that our memories become a big well established tree that would live for a thousand years or more. So that even though things don’t last forever, it lasts for our forever and this forever isn’t a lie, but a reality we are already moving towards.

(This is for you to send to the person or people you thought of when you read this, or if you didn’t think of anyone, think now and send it to someone you haven’t talked to in a while and is super duper precious to you to remind them )


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