That Obdurate Girl

Poet: Aabirbhab

When you look at her,

She looks at bliss,

But deep inside she is heavy-hearted

Tries to peep into memories she misses.

When you are with her,

She’s an affable soul to you.

No matter how much she’s shattered!

But she will choose to stick by you.

Ask her anytime she will say…

She wants to explore,

To adventure a solo trip, to enjoy,

To laugh, to write,

To be with people she adores.

Society on the other side,

Criticizes the girl following her dreams

For them she is an obdurate girl,

Striving against the mountain of obstacles.

Holding her broken gashed soul,

She is in a war for herself alone.

Before the clouds began to cry,

She seated beneath the sky

Reminiscing the things she had done

The crimes she had committed

Moments later, soaked she was

In tears, both hers and the sky’s

She wondered what she could do

To break these unwavering ties.

She got a label before her name

She is born with a tag

Her life already scripted 

Years before she took her 1st step.

Time flies,

Everyone has given her an advice,

Bad vibes and many lies.

She always took pain as a lesson

She even called it her own passion

She breathed in, and breathed out all along

Keeping with her for so long

She can take it, forget it, but can’t never hide it.

Her soul has been consumed in


And the sweetness of life had become


She was sick, depressed, stressed and

Under duress

This is how her LIFE felt.

In this frivolous mindset of society

She sails the boat

Of faith, of truth,

Of her pride to the success shore.


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