In This Day and Age

Poet: Sneha

In this day and age
Where people don’t seem to have time for each other
Be it day or night,
I’ll always have time for you.
And if I don’t
I’ll make time for you.

In this day and age
Where trying to understand someone is tiring
I’ll try to understand all of you,
What makes you cry and what makes you smile
I’ll remember what you like and what you don’t

In this day and age
Where every other person seems fake
I’ll always be real with you.
The realest me possible.
You’ll see my bright side and the dark.

In this day and age
Where no one stays for the other
I’ll stay with you.
Stay when the days are sunny
When the days are windy or rainy
When the days are too cold
I’ll stay .
Whether the weather is good or bad
I’ll be there.

Of course one day we might hurt each other
Things may or may not work out in the end
Time will make us drift apart
Or bring us closer.

But in this day and age
I’d rather spend my now with you.
I want you to know everything about me
Live the moments I’ll fondly look back upon with you.

And I clasp my hands and hope
That in this day and age
You feel the way I do
And that you’d do the same for me.

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