How Are You?

Poet: Pragya

Running from the demons

I am lost in my head

It’s  like a maze in here

But there is no way out

Pleading “Help!” In vain I shout 

My fears chase me like dementors


Hopeless and breathless

I hide behind the slim walls

That say ” its gonna be okay” 

Kidding right? It’s never gonna happen.

Feeling trapped, can barely move

clasped by the chains of anxiety 

Trembling, overthinking every word 

Why did they laugh? I wasn’t joking

Did I laugh too loud? 

Am I a joker or a clown to them? 

Why do they ignore me? 

Do I even matter? 

And if I don’t, why am I still alive? 

Questions with no answers

Like gunshots hitting the mental strings

Just thoughts, but deadly enough 

To question upon the life of oneself. 

The anxiety, the pressure and self doubt 

Its cold and dark, inside and out.

And thus this depression silenced 

the blooming smiles

the careless talks

the friendly vibes.

Still escaping the Demons of my mind

But, other than that I am fine. 

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