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Author: Alekya Kowta

Hmm. Honestly I was spiraling because I didn’t know what to write about. Then, I had an epiphany. (More like one of my friends helped me figure out that I could write about this, but we don’t talk about that). Food. That’s what I will write about. So, when was the last time you went out to have food? Takeaway isn’t the same thing, mind you. Going to a place to eat with all that ambience? That’s heaven.  Also, what does food mean to you? Let me quote Anton Ego- “I don’t like food. I LOVE it. If I don’t love it, I don’t swallow.” I for one, am not that picky though. Give me good food and I’m here for it. I have not had outside food for a long time now. So, I sit here and reminisce of all the times I had very good food. 

It amazes me that we have some distinct memories associated with the food we eat or something that we smell. Do you have something that you ate so long ago that tasted so good that you always longed for it but you could never find anything else that tasted the exact same way? Phew, long sentence. Anyway, for me, it’s this strawberry milkshake I used to have in Ikea. I swear to God, it tasted really good. The texture and the amount of sweetness to it was just perfect. Believe me when I say I didn’t find something even remotely close to it anywhere else. I used to get strawberry milkshakes every week back then, which explains why I’m fat I guess. Well, I have absolutely no idea why me and my family chose to go to Ikea almost every week, but okay. It was so fun. After a while, the milkshake was probably the only thing that dragged us there. I don’t really like strawberries though. So there’s that.

Another memory is how we spent every Saturday night together in the US with an amazing mango milkshake. My dad used to make mango milkshakes every Saturday. Now he’s just lazy and won’t do it. Anyone who knows me well would know I’m a sucker for mango shakes. Honestly, that is the best mango shake I ever had. I couldn’t get enough of it. There was this mall in Bangalore that kind of got so close to the way my og mango shake tasted, but it wasn’t quite there. 

Oh oh, that reminds me. In New York, we went to this Indian cafe, whose name I do not remember at all. But I know I ate dahi chaat there. I do not like curd that much. But that? It was heaven! The garnishing on the food was just so pretty. I remember it was during Christmas, everything was just so pretty and it was snowing and I remember kind of knocking off a plate by mistake? Yikes. I don’t really remember much about it though. I just know it was too good and I enjoyed every bit of it. Oh my god, how can I forget my dad’s fried rice?! Literally the best fried rice in the entire world, no cap. My mom’s best dishes would probably be her biryani, yes veg biryani and not pulao, and her baby corn gravy.

Throughout this lockdown, my mom’s been trying a lot of good stuff though. Like, we’ve tried multiple kinds of sandwiches – just sandwiches, but like making them in new, interesting/weird ways, I guess? I remember the first time I tasted a mushroom. It was in BBQ Nation. I went with my parents and we were enjoying all the starters – PANEER. I LOVE PANEER. Anyways, that was the first time I tried a mushroom, they were so… squishy in texture (thanks to my brain’s inability to think of a better term). But I love mushrooms. I think I’ve been missing out on eating them. Oh, this reminds me of the first time I ate scrambled eggs! It was in Pondicherry, in a place called Eat My Cake. The way it looked was so good. Very presentable. I loved how it tasted. Never ate scrambled eggs after that though. One of my friends spilled lemon soda all over it. So many memories, aahh. The place was too expensive for my liking. 

I don’t really remember what this place is called, but the dessert I ate there was the best! The one piece of brownie I had was just so chocolatey and I don’t really know how to explain this. It just was chocolate-draped and everything about it was chocolate and beautiful. I mean, who doesn’t like chocolate, please? Anyway, do you all remember the fun times when you could go to Tara Maa and eat naan with paneer (or chicken curry, whatever)? Do you know where you can get the best paneer tikka in Vellore? It’s in Black Box. That’s the only right answer.

Look, I could go on and on about my love for road side bandis and beautiful dosas – oh wait, if you are in Hyderabad and never went to Ram Bandi/ Lakshman Bandi, then I mean what are you even doing with your life? Please go there and you’ll taste the best dosa and idli ever. Anyway, like I said, I could go on and on about my profound love for sambar, mysore bajji, chocolates, cake, pani puri, vada pav, chaat etc., but I will not. However, I will end this with talking about how much I miss pizza. Pizza is literally the best thing ever made. And the last time I ate pizza from outside was 8 months ago. I- I miss it so much. It is most definitely the love of my life. I cannot imagine a pizza-less life. Yes, I think I’ll end my food rant on a dramatic note. Thank you. Man, I can’t wait to go outside and eat all my favourite stuff – cough cough pizza first.

I am so thankful that my mom has now finally allowed me to get food from outside. So my dear pizza, garlic breadsticks and cheese dip, here I come! 

Also, can we do hot takes? I f***ing hate noodles. Yuck. Bye.


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