Dear Rock-Headed Adults

Author: Vidhya

Dear Rock-headed Adults,

I know that you consider yourselves as Mr/Mrs know-it-alls, but for once, please listen to this Ms. Nobody whose life you want to step into unnecessarily. I want to ask you several questions, but I don’t think you will have an answer for any. Why does my appearance bother you? What is the problem if I am thin or fat? Is it because I am able to pull something off that you feel insecure about? Or is it that I won’t get married at all and I will ask you trillions of questions all my life? Don’t worry; I’ll get married to a person who likes me as a person and not a hot chick.

Why does what I wear bother you so much? When you can flaunt your hips with your saree or go out freely in just a worn-out banyan with full swag, then why can’t I wear my fully covered jeans with the same haul? Seriously, I am more scared of the way you look at me than the boys on the street. Why is it that the way I eat, sit, sleep, or sneeze even matter to you? Were you there to judge how my mother gave birth to me? LMAO. 

Why am I expected to be a carbon copy of Sharmaji’s kid? Why should I pursue engineering if they do? Why do you think kids should not have their own opinions and choices? Is it because we’re smart enough to find out the loopholes in this beautiful system you have created? What is so wrong when I say I am feeling bad? Is there a rule in the Rock-Heads Association that children can only feel bad when they become parents? Why does the honor of my family lie in my hymen? I mean, I could have agreed that my family’s integrity lies in the money I earn. It could be a good rule, though. Why is it that when I let you know that I have been feeling sad for a very long time, the answer you give is to think positive?

I don’t think you made way for that. All you dumped on me was judgment and insecurity, along with some rajma and rice. I am very sorry if I am sitting in a house built on a river you swam through. I apologize if trolling and cyber bullying didn’t exist. A person who has never met me uses derogatory language because I voiced out my genuine opinion on something that mattered to me, which is a culture seeded by you. Just so you know. I know you think my purpose in life should be getting married, but I am not a trophy to be kept in perfect shape. My ragged jeans don’t define my character. I refuse to judge you by your shining sarees and worn-out banyan. Maybe focus on my words and my thoughts next time. 

Until then,

Yours Sincerely,

Ms. Nobody


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