Sweet Slumber

Author: Atulya

People deal with the stress in their lives in myriad ways. For some, it’s binge eating. For some others, it is consuming drugs/alcohol. Some people also indulge in retail therapy to de-stress. And some others, who I consider God’s favorites, become their most productive selves by finishing their piled-up work or by picking up a new hobby. The list of ways to de-stress is endless.

My personal favorite way of de-stressing is sleeping.

(I may be biased because I just woke up from a de-stress 3 hour “nap” session. Or maybe I just want to make myself feel better by telling people that sleeping is therapy and not an escape from the things I dread the most.)

Sleeping is therapeutic. Nothing can be calmer than the fact that one can switch oneself off and replenish their souls and ready their minds for the drama they have to deal with, later on in life.

It also helps, that unlike the other ways of de-stressing, sleeping doesn’t cost a dime, doesn’t have any adverse health effects, and is in fact, good for health. (Let us all conveniently ignore other issues such as oversleeping leading you to become an ungrateful lazy brat.)

Let me elaborate on how sleeping has done wonders for my life. Over the last 2 years, I have slept my way through the slightest inconveniences in life. This has saved me a lot of time and energy, that I would have otherwise spent on binge eating at Tara Ma. It has also saved me from embarrassing situations that I would have put myself in, had I resorted to send an angry text message or yell at an unsuspecting victim.

Not to mention, the unparalleled glow you have on your skin after you wake up from your beauty sleep, unbothered, and unfazed by all the stress-inducing elements in life.

I know I sound like a life coach/sleep saleswoman, trying to force you into using sleep as a solution to every problem. But I’m just a lazy college girl who thinks sleep is certainly the most socially acceptable way of dealing with a life crisis. Because every time, your mom calls you out for sleeping all day, you can always use the classic “At least I don’t do drugs” and get away with it.

So here’s wishing you the best sleep of your life, for the next time you’re stressed or dealing with a life crisis.


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