Thank the Bonds

Author: Sneha

The bond between two people is one of the most pretty and fragile thing to ever exist. No relationship ever comes with a user manual. You have to figure everything out with the other person. 

You could be building your relationship with some people from the ground up or maybe you just happened to instantly click. Quick or not, you may feel like you both are technically twins separated at birth, or that they were meant to be your partner in crime, or that the universe just had to draw a series of events to get you to meet each other. Honestly, that feel is great.

Now getting to the dark side of  a new beginning… You can feel weary. You may think that maybe you are opening up too quickly. That it’s all probably one sided. That maybe it’s all a facade.

In this generation, I know it’s crazy to say it’s all overthinking. With all the seemingly not-so-genuine people and everyone making any kind of bond for an ulterior motive, it’s only right that you doubt every other person you know or meet, no matter how long you’ve known them for.

They could break your heart, twist your mind. Use you repeatedly. Make you question your value. Make you lose your bubbly personality. Make you rethink all the things you believed in and what not.

Today, however, isn’t about the doubt. It’s about those few times you chance upon the right kind of people. It is about those people with whom you start to get comfortable with right before you know it and to your surprise, they aren’t there to take anything away from you. They aren’t there to make you want to tear your own heart out.

They are there to show you what an amazing person you are. What a big delight you can be. Show you sides of you, you didn’t think you had before. Like the weirdest things about you. Make you do unconventional things. Make you rediscover and redefine yourselves. Help you find some new things to love. Fill in some old gaps, or make them insignificant. Share stories till 6 in the morning (such stunts are not to be performed at home especially when your mom and dad could catch you). Create the dumbest inside jokes. Talk about your crazy, out of the world daydreams. Share their favorite songs or movies with you.

Such people are meant to be treasured. You never know what could happen. Maybe all the sparkly feelings would suddenly fade or maybe slowly. Anyways you get the point. Maybe it will all go well and they won’t leave your side till the end of time. Obviously you don’t know which future would come to you. So hold on to them for as long as you can.

Keep making those small yet impactful memories. Use this chance to tell them all the ways they made you happy. All the things you love them for. Whatever makes them unique and whatever you’d never want them to change about themselves. Even all the things that make them stick out like a sore thumb. Tell them about all the times they gave you courage and helped you find the strength you thought you never had. All the times they made you smile with your teeth, made you laugh to the point you thought you couldn’t feel your stomach. All the times they made you want to throw them off a cliff too.

I mean they must have annoyed you at some point.

Make it a cringe fest! 

Flatter them to the point they think you hit your head. Make their ears and cheek flush.

Don’t overdo it though. You can’t make them faint or anything.. XD

A request I would like to make to you though, is to appreciate the bonds that ended or aren’t going as well as they used to as well. It’s because they left that you have space inside you for more. They shaped you for the better or for the worse. At one point you shined when they had your back and they made you feel.

Bottom line being, every bond we ever had with anyone was pretty and every single one of those bonds deserve our gratitude. 

So this is me saying, “Thank you for walking into my life.” 


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  1. Wow. This is a really beautiful piece. I liked reading it. It hit all the right spots. Keep writing!

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