Water Chronicles

Poet: Pritisha

I am sitting by the mystic blue sea coast

Encompassed by water

Wavy way-par water

Far away-per water wave

“How do you weigh per water?”

I’d probably summon a wayfarer weigher

After water vapours

Because I don’t want to see the world’s watery eyeballs

When effervescence of sparkling water dies

And the reservoir’s surrounded by sorrow

When drops of life drip

And ache quenches its thirst.

From time to time life tastes like watery coffee

When we’re entangled in weavers wavy waves

Drenched in our whirlpool of troubles.

A little water for you, little water for me

And we take water clear decisions

And survive the water ripples

And cry, “What-a-break!”,

When our wavering troubles wriggle.

And in droughts, our weighing troubles extinguish into vapours

Because you see, they don’t have what it takes to leave a watermark on us

Only our spirit decides it.

Even in floods, we make it through

Because we are made of water

We aren’t meant to drown,

We are made up of the very essence of life.

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