Girl in the Mirror

Poet: Manya

Reeling from loss,

looking for validation,

confusing love and desire,

All these feelings,

spilling out on the surface,

this perfect surface

cracking under pressure.

This crazy new world,

everything is broken,

Don’t know who I love,

The cracks in this world,

terrifying and opaque.

The girl in my mirror,

Still faking a smile,

Trying to deflect this conversation.

This girl sees happiness,

Where all I can see is doom.

Going crazy staring at herself.

Pretending to be okay,

fighting this war alone.

I weep for the girl in the mirror,

Because she still hopes,

the flicker just refusing,

to be snuffed out.

Wondering and conflicted,

should I show her the truth,

the ugly dark truth,

Or keep this world a secret

a little longer.

Maybe the girl in the mirror,

needs to disappear,

You want to breathe,

And tell the truth.

I lie my way through life.

Because all I see,

is a flawed woman,

with deep deep scars.

I am not letting her,

Heal from her darkest hurts,

She needs to fly,

unencumbered  by all this burden

Its time I free her,

And drown with all my pain.

So I think its time,

I let you go,

So that you let people in,

It’s time we broke up,

Dear girl in the mirror,

I say it’s me not you.,

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