Poet: Aabirbhab

I own everything

Yet I have lost everything

I sat still in front of my piano

And opened the gates of my sin

I know the song is wrong

But I feel the melody is right

And I gave myself a taste of the sweet poison

A tune filled with immoral reasons

I became a puppet of greed

A hungry wolf set to be freed

I made a fool of my choices

Let melody drive my circumstances

Tossed a coin to decide my path

And both side landed towards the hell

I don’t know who I am ?

More likely, what I am ?

An innocent grooving for my crimes

Or a murderer dancing by my darkest desires

Standing torn and alone I am strong

But on stage I feel stronger 

I took a trip from one hell to another

I am the one who even made the devil smother

Drag me down and shoot me

Aim the dead Phoenix’s flames

Bore it right across my chest

Pull the string of your violin

And listen to the sweet melody

Of me leaving this lifeless cast

I hear the knocking of my door

But I can’t feel myself anymore

I hear your screams but

I choose to dive in to my music

So, cinder me down to ashes

Let my evils die alongside me 

Put a stop to this music

And play the heaven’s melody

Can’t wait for this show

To come to its final end

I won’t be having everything

But I won’t be losing anyone else

I am not a body anymore

I am a war; a war of beliefs

It will only come to an end

When evil loses to virtuous sing

The night is long so is the fire of will

She kissed me with her burning lips

It was enough to put a fitting end

To my gothic musical trip

But my darkness will come back

To take its revenge

It will hone his melody

Bringing in a new stench 

We can sit back and relax

Wait patiently for the next endeavour

Because the song of the Evil

Won’t last forever


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