A Perspective

Poet: Nishkarsh

We all want a perfect life,

No wonder that never happens.

Life is like that two-edged knife,

Hard to handle, difficult to cut; it’s such a weapon.

No wonder we grow up in different backgrounds,

But the expectations are all the same.

Nobody wants to be that unsung hero living underground,

For a good and a famous life, is everything we aim.

Acceptance is so important,

We can’t live with rejections.

Can do anything to be someone else’s portrait,

Without those logical or emotional hesitations.

No wonder the crowd is important,

Everyone’s words mean so much to us.

The decisions are sometimes so adamant,

That even head and heart can’t understand the fuss.

The conscience shout to us,

But do we ever bother to listen?

Just the round trips in that lavish car or a bus,

Always ready to fight and get into the hustle.

Humanity is a fading concept,

Internet is the moral boosting powerhouse.

Trolling around to take out the grief kept,

Making it a trend or an infectious espouse.

Being sad after losing a person whom we never bothered about,

Is turning into such a fashion now.

H. Keller rightly quoted human nature’s false shout,

Grieving for the dead and disrespecting the living; indeed wow!

Abusing the parents,

Insulting the elders,

Rejecting the healthy assurances,

Just to turn into angelic faced sinners.

Take a minute to count your blessings,

Look out for people who dream to have a life like you.

Gratitude can make you so contented and expressive,

And only good wishes can save you from hell’s devil crew.

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