So Long, Farewell


I have been sitting here, staring at this blank sheet for the past 15 minutes thinking of how I should address you. At last I ended up choosing something that would impress my 9th grade English teacher if I were writing an informal letter. But thinking of it, isn’t it befitting? You are a friend after all. A close friend. A guide. A sanctuary. A home of sorts. And now all you’ll be is a wonderful memory.

I can’t even begin to describe the nostalgia that takes over my senses every time I look back. And this is when I still am a part of this club. I wonder what it will be like once we officially leave.

I remember feeling so out of place during the first club meeting I attended. It went from this club being something optional for me to being something I can proudly say I am a part of. So many hours of the day and so many night slips have given me a family that I didn’t even know I was looking for.

There are a lot of souvenirs I have collected along the way, which I don’t plan on letting go. All the times we have shed blood and sweat and paint to make an event as perfect as possible. Experiencing Escape Room come to life and enjoying it more than the participants. The tedious script writing and anchoring practices. The careful planning of Career Convention events only for it to somehow mess up in the end. Borderline losing our patience due to the plus-ones of the speakers, who believe we should be grateful to them.

Spending the entire day loitering around SMV under the name of making a club video. The competitive environment at the expos. The ice-cream treats at Amul. The fight for “our place” at SMV during night slips. The big plans we had for the club.

A cheers also to that one event which we worked so hard for, gave up precious hours of our sleep for, that never got around to being conducted. Cheers to those efforts that were rained on. Literally.

A 0.00000001% part of me might also just miss working according to the desires and demands of our not-so-visually-endowed authorities. I’ll definitely miss the stanzas of appreciation we wrote in their honour.

And I honestly have nothing to say about the board that I was a part of. Because words can’t retell this experience. As chaotic as we are and as starkly different we are from each other, I still couldn’t have asked for a better team or a better support system. I won’t say we fit together like pieces of a puzzle, because we didn’t. But I do believe that we made a beautiful picture.

I’ll miss Sid pestering us to respond or at least react to his messages and get work done. I’ll miss everyone being told to beware of Soumyata. I’ll miss Ashwin explaining how to fill the permission forms again and again and again. I’ll miss having those secret rants with Alekya on random topics during online meetings. I’ll miss Sanjit being frustrated and finally giving up when media work wouldn’t get done on time. I’ll miss Karan trying to be intimidating. And of course, his haikus. I’ll miss Abhay throwing Soumyata under the bus all the time and trying to get on her nerves. I’ll miss Pavika’s energy and bubbly nature. And I’ll miss asking everyone who the design head is.

To the future board and all the future club members, I just wish that you find in THEPC what I did. I wish your journey is as memorable and loving as mine was, if not more. I pray you make such irreplaceable memories as well, preferably on campus. I hope you feel this same way while saying your goodbyes.

So thank you, THEPC. For all that you have brought in my life.

Signing off


Editorial Head (Blog and Documentation)


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