Saved by Love

By:Sneha Manohar

I just stood there…

Feet smoldered into the cold damp sand and very tired. 

It felt like they would give in any moment.

Unable to move, out of fear.

Afraid that I would fall and hit the ground hard if I tried.

Which left me no choice.

No choice but to look at the gray skies filled with monstrous clouds.

Looking like they were ready to devour me if given the chance.

No choice but to shudder at the sound of thunder.

Hoping I was not the target of the lightning.

Horrid weather.

I barely had anything to protect me from it. 

The thin fabric let the weather take all the warmth of my body away.

Howling winds.

No passerby could hear me call them over it.

 In their defense, I wouldn’t have been able to hear them either.

Thrashing waves.

They could swallow me if they wished.

ย The spray from it made me squint my eyes.

I couldn’t tell. If it would rain or if it wouldn’t.

Even though I was beyond exhausted at this point. All I could really do was wait.

For what exactly?

For the clouds to pass or pour on me.

For the waves to take me along with them.

For the sand to part from where I stood and swallow me.

What I wished and waited  for the most though,

Was for someone to find me.

Walk towards me.

Save me.

Then you came, walking towards me with such surety.

The sand didn’t seem to make it difficult for you to walk.

The winds didn’t seem to make your voice hard to hear.

The waves didn’t seem to make it hard to see.

The thunder didn’t seem to make you shudder.

Then you reached me.

You stared into my eyes. Like you were searching for something in them.

Then you bent down.

Dug my feet out of the sand. 

Held me in your arms.

Stroked my hair softly.

As soon as I surrendered myself to your care.

Everything burst.

Lightning struck all around us.

The rain drenched us.

The waves washed over us.

The winds would pick me up along with it if not for you.

Honestly,I thought you would leave.

I thought you would leave me to face it alone.

That I would be left alone all over again.

After all, you had no reason to be there.

You had no reason to fight against all of it with me…

But you didn’t leave.

You stood there embracing me throughout.

It was almost as if you knew.

Knew what I needed.

Like you understood 

Understood that I was scared.

Then you told me …

“It’s fine”

“You were strong”

“I am here now”

“It will be alright now”

And then you said that you loved me

I didn’t even know you then.

You could be a harbinger of good or bad..

There was no way for me to know for sure.

Yet, something in me trusted you.

Trusted your arms, your warmth, and your voice.

The scene shifted from under my feet.

The clouds seemed lighter.

The gray was now blue.

The waves were calmer.

The lightning was switched with rainbows.

I am glad from the bottom of my heart.

I am glad you came to me.

I am glad I didn’t doubt you.

I am glad that I wasn’t wrong to have trusted you.

I am glad that you felt the same as I did for you.


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  1. I chanced upon this on a friend’s bio! I’m so glad I did ๐Ÿ’• You write beautifully ๐Ÿฅบ

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