Through the airport’s glass doors


Through the airport’s glass doors
I walked away from you.
My passport in hand,
The ticket in my pocket .
I was wearing your white jacket ,
The last thing you’d given me
Before I walked away from you
Through the airport’s glass doors.

We could still see each other
Through the glass doors.
I joined the queue,
Looking not forward
But backward at you.
As I approached the counter
Memories replaced reality
And through the glass doors
We could see each other no more .

I walked all alone
To my seat on the flight .
The letters on my ticket
Seemed one step closer
To transforming into skyscrapers
Streets and Noises
A place where i couldn’t find you.
But right now,
We were only a few metres apart ,
If you yelled through a loudspeaker
I could still hear you .
And so I longed to hear you
On my seat on the flight
As I sat all alone.

The aeroplane took off
We were far apart
Getting further apart
At a speed of 900 kilometer per hour.
Despite being high up in the sky
I felt low thinking about you
Distance was just a matter of time
I reminded myself
As we got further apart
Since the time the aeroplane had taken off.

I was in a new country .
And having crossed three oceans .
I was held captive
In lady liberty’s land
Her hand reached upward
But not eastward towards you
And our tiny house
Where every night
We had a candlelit dinner,
Eating slowly
Watching the melting candle
Harmonize with the ticking clock.
I was picturing the impossible
After I’d crossed three oceans
And reached a new country.

I unpacked my suitcase
In my new tiny home.
And more than half of it
Was filled with memories of you.
Pictures, your perfume
And the blue eyed stone , the nazar
You gifted me on our first anniversary
Saying it will keep evil away from you.
It took me forever to reach
My half of the belongings
In my new tiny home
While I unpacked my suitcase.

I missed you
And Wanted to meet you soon.
I pulled out my phone
Answered the call from you.
I could now hear your voice
Not through a loudspeaker
But through my earphones,
I could now see your face
Not through glass doors
But through my mobile’s screen.
We talked and talked
Until you hung up saying
“Wish we could meet soon
Darling, I miss you. “


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