It’s got sharp canines
And the wings of a bat
When you’re sound asleep
Envisioning beaches
And seas
It bites-
Invading your dreams
The blue segues into
Red Black skies
Thirsty creatures emerge
At the rapidly receding horizons
With knives instead of hands
Tongues wapping back and forth-
A ghastly version
Of a pretty pup wagging its tail
Chanting in chorus
You’ve done wrong
You must repay.
You wake up
Spilling fear flavoured tears
Reach out for someone’s lap
Hug me, say it’s okay
Tell me I’m not the one to blame
Help me fight these night monsters
Free me from these tumultuous thoughts
Instead, you find yourself
Lying on the lap of guilt
Waiting to slaughter your brain
And feed on your pain
You’ve done something selfish
No matter how insignificant
You must repent
For the rest of your life.

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