The Loved and The Lost


The Loved 

Hunkering down with a lamp

I breathe in the book’s scent

Settling down to savor it in secrecy

Unbeknownst to any but the gentle breeze

That morphs into a wind

Turning still fields into raging seas.

Green pastures wink up at me

As I spot a weaver’s nest on a solitary walk.

Rain pelts down

The sun paints the sky red

As I enjoy a cake and the earthy scent.

Shadows creep up on the walls

Against a golden backdrop of light

As dinner’s held by candlelight,

While stories are told and images woven

Threads spun off imagination.

Sitting by the hearth

As tales are shared and songs sung

To be remembered in the morrow.

A calm morning with the sun in my face

A stormy night that harbings ghosts

Sleepy afternoons and silent nights

As voices echo in the dark

And into the light.

Faster and faster they spin

Melding together and yet not

All those memories I lived

All those mistakes I made

Naught but one came a-visiting

Nary friend, nary a cousin

But the clouds choke, the skies weep

And that’s enough for me…

For, I know not if I will live

To see a new dawn, a new day

As the world rises to greet a new year

I greet the darkness, this final rest.

The Lost

Distraught and despairing

I turn and reach out for a friendly warmth

Hoping, Groping, in the vast abyss

When dark talons pry open my mind, my heart.

Slumped against a black wall of hopelessness

As agony floods the plains

Eyes on the horizon, squinting

For a beacon of light and warmth.

I see none.

Nobody left, nobody cares

As I drown in this sorrowful sea.

I turn around and lunge

A desperate bid to break free

In vain, in vain, in vain

Again and again and again.

Darkness envelops me

Dare I embrace it back?

Mayhap it will be a friend

Now i am numb, so numb

I cannot feel my heart

The world spins, the bells chime

With not a care for her death.

The pain thaws my frozen heart

My grief spurs my blood

For only in her memory

Does my dead heart beat and ache.

Oh! This ungodly physical pain

I can’t breathe, i can’t think

I hold on to the hurt and pain 

For I know no other way.

Some wounds just don’t heal

Some are better off staying fresh

For “the soul is dead that slumbers”

And she wouldn’t ‘ve wanted that for mine.

I look into strange faces

But all I see is her

In every crowd, in every place

She just smiles and fades away.

I wake up everyday

To the truth that she’s gone

I break down again and again

I don’t know how to move on.


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  1. Great piece of work!! Pen down your thoughts more often!… Happy to read such literary works!

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