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It’s the International Day of Happiness!! You guessed it’s right, it’s a day to be happy. What is true happiness? Do we always feel truly happy or do we show a facade of happiness so as to satisfy society? I ask this because the society that I have seen around me has always told me and my brain that you must always be happy. You must always have a smile on your face even if it is a fake smile. Hence we have been conditioned to think that we have to always be happy and then makes us feel that people who are happy are the ones who are successful. 

So, your logical question to this will be, what is true happiness? How do we attain this state of true happiness? 

True happiness can never be absolute and be stated by a single person. It is always relative to the thought and feeling of every person’s brain and heart. But according to me, true happiness is achieving a satisfactory state of calmness in the brain and heart, settle into my chair and look into the vastness of the ocean from my room. The calmness in my mind with the view of the calm and vast ocean engulfing my view. And a lot of you might say that I’m confusing calmness with happiness. Calmness and happiness are not two different things, happiness is simply a consequence of a calm mind and body.

I have stated my definition of true happiness above, but I was also curious about how does the rest of the world define true happiness? I would say that people across the world would achieve happiness, calmness, and satisfaction through their families, friends, health, and wealth. But, I also feel that most people around the world imbibe their happiness through the trust and generosity that they show to other people and vice-versa. And if people react positively to the trust and generosity shown, everyone will truly attain a calm state of mind. Which in turn makes everyone around the world truly.

 To conclude, happiness is something that can only be attained and not taught. It is relative to everyone’s mind and body, their calmness, and their zen state. But innately, everyone on this planet is happy in some way or another. So, on this super happy day of the 20th of March 2021, let us take a pledge with ourselves, to always look for the happiness that we know is true happiness. 


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