Curse of a Werewolf


Under the crescent moon

A lonely shadow emerged 

Shimmering in the moonlight 

It let out a howl 

A howl of sadness 

A howl of pain

A howl of longing 

A howl which marked it’s suffering

They say wolves are proud creatures

They say wolves are full of vain

Spreading misery around them

With their cursed bites causing change

Turning humans into werewolves, the most cursed beings 

For they are neither human nor animal

Nothing but an amalgam of shame 

Always referred in myths as evil creatures

Basking in the glory of the horror of their prey

Yet the truth couldn’t be further 

When it came to this lone wolf 

Like humans, wolves are many 

Many natures, many personalities

They feel love, they feel pain

By causing terror they have nothing to gain

As the sun came up on the horizon

As the night faded by 

The wolf changed form

Turning from a lonely beast to a lonely woman

Shunned by her village 

The poor girl moved on

It wasn’t her choice, this destiny of hers

It wasn’t her choice to have this pain inflicted on her 

The Japanese say the moon spirit too is a girl

Driven from her home for her duty, she too is alone

Maybe this is why the werewolf and the moon are related, both of them are lonely spirits finding kinship in each other

The girl wanted this kinship

But not with the moon, for she couldn’t embrace it nor kiss it with the sweet taste of love

But only stare longingly at it as she cried about her woes

A werewolf fate isn’t one of pleasure 

This girl didn’t want more to share her pain

She wandered through the countryside 

Looking for a place to stay 

Found a nearby farm and fell asleep on the hay

She awoke hours later, expecting to find the angry owners of the farm

Yet the only face in front was that of a woman, who meant her no harm

With a pleasant smile that showed her dimples

With loose hair that wasnt’t shingled

She offered a hand to the lonely girl

Guided her back to her safe home

Gave her supper and some rest 

The werewolf however couldn’t help but fret

She had to get out, lest the moon come up

So she ran away as her wolfish side showed

Unbeknownst to her the kind woman followed

Witnessed her transformation from a girl to an abomination

Yet for the kind woman she was one soul

A soul of sadness, a soul of loneliness

She hugged the wolf with all her might 

Letting her know everything will be alright

The wolf didnt howl in sadness for once

But stayed lovingly in the embrace 

The new day came and as the sun shone

The lonely girl looked up to the kind girl

And realized, she may not be able to touch the moon but it mattered to her nonce

For she had found companionship in a rainbow

As the kind girl was all seven colours at once

Weeks turned into months into years

And the lonely girl ceased to exist 

For she had found a kindred spirit

With whom she spent the rest of her days

Laughing and kissing, the couple was madly in love 

So strong was their passion the lonely girl forgot her troubles 

She kissed the kind girl fiercely and she returned the favour

And they spent the night becoming one

Yet such was the curse of the lonely girl

Come morning she looked in horror

The bite mark on the neck of her lover

This werewolf had found her prey

Marking her with love instead of hatred

But marking her all the same 

Fulfilling her destiny of spreading pain the girl cried in shame 

Running away from her haven

Her destiny fulfilled the moon called her back

And she permanently changed into the beast she knew she always was

For her selfish desires had caused another life to lose its joy 

But not in the way she imagined 

The bite mark had never bothered the kind girl for she loved the werewolf, even if she became the same

The kind girl searched for her, eventually finding the lone wolf

She cried in joy running to the wolf and kissing it’s snout

Yet the wolf didnt respond the same

For the lone wolf had lost memories 

As she had fulfilled her destiny and turned into this beast of pain

The kind girl wept in sorrow at the loss of her love 

As night approached both of the lone wolves now howled in the pain they shared

A howl so fierce it scared away the birds

For the moon had now claimed both of them as hers.


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  1. That was legitimately amazing! Didn’t expect such an intricate weave of love and tragedy- nice work!

  2. That was mind blowing ❤❤
    Never thought u could have wrote such an amazing poem😁😁❤❤

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