Easter Eggstravaganza!

by: Prajjwal RT

Scattered and hidden all across

Eggs of different sizes, of different shapes, of winsome patterns

Few were hand-carved wooden, 

Few were plastic,

The remaining few, real

Concealed and camouflaged, 

With appetizing confectionery beneath

Oh, what joy it was to hunt the Easter Eggs!

And when you crack it open

You find the empty tomb of Jesus, 

Where the birth of a new life took place

The Resurrection

The belief in life after death

In strewing April flowers after the frigid winters

In spirits rising from ashes

In a new dawn, awakening us from a deep slumber

In a welcoming hope after morbid miseries

Each egg, entitled to fetch different rewards

A handful of them,

For your healing and reconciliation,

For mercy and compassion

For love and affection

And the rest of which which are bogus and insipid

Attractive from the outside but blemished within

The ones filled with a void

The emptiness and nothingness

Weighing you down

And Eastertide is all about rejoicing

For He has risen from the dead

Victorious from all the sins and vengeance

And the Jesus in you awakens,

To spread peace and joy 

To gather some eggs in your basket of life 

Keeping the good ones

And discarding the flawed ones

Wishing you all, a successful Easter Hunt!


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