Sometimes we often get lost in this bludgeoning life that we forget the real essence of ourselves. The essence which gets us close to our consciousness. But remember most terrific places are discovered by the one who wanders and is lost.

I was fidgeting with my pen and was contemplating about how my  life became monotonous. The mere reason was that I lost the fun filled ride of college . The life which plays a significant role in one’s life. Listening from the seniors about New friends , the unforgettable munchkins who always  ping their nose in every task, the aroma of that mess food, the red tag Anna’s, breaking the flask and taking the most detail oriented vernier calliper readings and late nights dj. Sorry! I forgot to mention about one day studying before exams  several ghostly incidents , doing th pranks, bunking classes and running for printouts. As I was thinking , I felt a sense of regret that  why our batch is the only to suffer ? Why are we the stuard mice on which the experiments are done ?

Thinking about my future college memories, I suddenly dropped my pen  and you would be amazed that I found a letter behind the study table hanging intricately between the wires of the phone. That letter was written by my brother in  2016  and holds  a special place in my heart. Clenching the letter gave me moments of nostalgia (as it was lost) and  tears dropped ad I started reading,


Himachal Pradesh


Dear Fiore,

How are you ? I hope that you are  doing great at your end. Oh and  I brought the marvel t-shirts for you and I hope it fits you.

(Reading this I was excited that finally I got  the thing which I desired)

Fiore you told me about  how people  are muddling , breaking friendships and even bullying you. But  tell them that you got a 6 feet tall brother and he is going to bog down if they try to disturb my Supergirl.

( I was knowing that he was my superhero and he literally pushed everyone who used to make fun of me. )

But I want to give you a little piece of advice that will definitely be of great help. Always remember that your brother will not hold your finger at every moment. Some battles you need to  fight yourself . Therefore a piece of advice for our doll.

My dear, when you realize the animosities in the world with the complexities of variation, backstabbing jealousy, and mockery. Suddenly in all this havelock try start realising your meaning of life. Yes dear, change yourself and try to fight against what is wrong. In this new journey of change, you will sooner or later realize that these circumstances adhered to you and helped you to grow.

 My dear, try to move tremendously and never forget what with worth you are born. I know there is always a ferocious fire residing in you.

There will be nostalgic moments with a pinch of darkening times through which you will be going through. But remember when you are at your worst or the lowest, the key is to never ever give up. Remember worst is bestowed with greatness. Your time will come and always try to go with the flow. Once your time comes be humble and kind .

( Who knew that darkening times will come so easily?)

 Yes my dear change because this world will never revolve as you see from this glittering eyes. Try working diligently and assiduously because this universe is yours and it depends how you make your mark on this eccentric planet.

 Keep in mind parents are your best friends, others will come and go. But try keeping the people in your heart who really care for you.

Therefore  read more, earn more, live more without no worries and tackle your problems with a smiling face. This is a piece of advice for you . Oh but don’t throw water  on me whenever I am sleeping and don’t eat all the butter chicken and ice creams. I feel really upset when nothing is left for me and obviously I am going to make you do all my work because you know how terrible I am .  I always  love you , I hope that you do  exceedingly well in your life and remember when you fall I  will there to help you up,after I quit laughing.

Bye our most notorious kid,

Yours lovingly ,

Captain Indrajeet Singh Katoch

As I ended reading I started crying, because all those darkening days  as I mentioned  earlier came in front of my eyes… Who knew the person who wrote the lines in the letter,” I will not always be there with you” will leave me so soon.  I don’t know how to express ,never expecting that I will receive your letter when you are no more. Why bhaiya why did you do this ? Why didn’t you give  your Fiore a chance  to write a reply for you ? What was the  need to join the army that you left each one of us with your memories? There are several questions unanswered and bhaiiya  I am proud that you gave your life for the  nation but I even cry late nights  because there is no one to disturb and hold me whenever I am down. Yes bhaiya but I will face all the challenges with a smile on my face as you mentioned.

Ending this with a line ” Life goes on and time is the healer.”


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  1. Very emotional and touching ❤️. Salute to every soldier who lays down their lives for us every day🇮🇳

  2. This is very emotional and my respect goes out to all our soldiers/ everyone who has sacrificed their life for our country. The very essence of our freedom today is attributed to them. 🇮🇳❤️

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