Mastering the Art of Perception

By: Arun

Adolf Hitler was a saviour and Severus Snape – A guardian. 

Let there be light: and there was light – a million rays penetrating through bare nothing and utter darkness makes this world, a paradise and at the minimum – inhabitable at sight. How ironic?

Nothing can ever belong simultaneously to two sides – either do or die. But, here’s the catch – the two sides are always mutually dependent – one cannot exist without the other, and there’s a term coined for this phenomenon – “Dichotomy”. 

In the darkest night – the stars shine brightest. 

From the day above the earth to the day below the earth, every aspect of life revolves around the concept of dichotomy. Everything in between – your mission should you choose to accept it – is a result of your Perception. For all good deeds, are valued and recognised because you chose the ‘not destructive way. 

Everybody leaves an impression, earns an image by collective efforts or acts portrayed through their lifetime. 

Life is just collecting people to come to your funeral.

All you have is this one life – don’t deteriorate its standard by infusing negativity. 

Being able to extract only the “desired” leaving behind everything is a quality considered godly. As part of Tamil Literature, the mythical bird named “Annaparavai”, which resembles a swan in appearance, has the quality to consume only the milk present in a mixture of water and milk, denoting the quality of extracting only the desired and not bothering about the rest irrespective of its credibility. 

“You don’t need it”; so be it!

The quality of being able to perceive only the desired is attained through time, in other words, Maturity, experience and self-realisation. Deciphering knowledge in its raw sense and extracting what – counters your requirement is all it takes.  

Ever heard the Swedish term ‘FIKA’? – Pausing to appreciate the good things in life. We often let the good bury itself amongst all the bad surrounding us – The World isn’t your wish-granting factory. Learning to be optimistic and consistent with this approach is the path of a winning stride. 

All this man wanted to do was – make his race(The ARYAN) – the most superior of them all; being committed to the goal and being able to put in anything and everything to achieve this made his constructive efforts – destructive. ♪ say my name, you know who I am ♪ – is what he achieved. Adolf Hitler’s the name.

The half-blood prince is portrayed throughout as biased and vicious. What we fail to see is the cloak of protection he covers Harry with. After all, Harry was all that was left of Snape’s true love – Lily Potter. 

The mindset of perceiving and appreciating the good rather than whining about the bad is your takeaway from this read.


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9 thoughts on “Mastering the Art of Perception

  1. It’s excellent how you’ve focussed on the bright side. It teaches us that there is light everywhere if you look for it.

  2. An excellent blog post! We always need time to time reminders of our purpose in life and this post just struck to the heart and mind. Keep going! You words are instilling 🙂

  3. this most interesting stuff is “Annapparavai” which is not existing. Success lies mostly on how we perceive the things. We may not essentially require to worry on what to DO, but We must beware & concern on What NOT to DO 🙂

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