Coping up with COVID

The world stands in shock while India breaks records every day in the number of COVID-19 cases reported. The last count I heard was 4 lakh cases. We have been locked up in our houses (literally or metaphorically) for more than a year now. No matter to what extent you are an introvert, we are social animals by nature, and it is tough to stay at home. 

But something that helped me cope with this lockdown was movies and social media. I travel from Netflix to Amazon Prime, to Instagram, and then Youtube. These apps were there with me throughout this lockdown and made me laugh, cry, introspect, look forward to something, and boost me up. 

Am I romanticizing my relationship with apps? 

*sad life pro max*

But in this lockdown, I got to experience a whole new stratum of content, which included many podcasts, old movies, web series, T.V. shows, musicals, and many more, and these gave me a massive bag of positivity and hope. 

So here are some of the movies/shows/podcasts that made my life slightly better.

[P.S. I didn’t add Brooklyn 99 as it is a part of my day irrespective of the current scenario, but if you feel slightly sour, don’t even think twice to watch B99]

The internet said so

Once the lockdown started, many professions were severely hit, and one of them is standup comedians. Some shows got canceled, and specials could be shot, and so on. I have always been a fan of SNG (Schittengiggles), and when I got to know that four people from SNG are coming back with TISS, it got me excited. I love a few episodes such as Bollywood, Big Boss, Relationship, siblings, and many more. But two episodes that were cold and felt like a warm hug — Death and We’re in this together. The 1.5 hr episode is just me keeping all my thoughts aside and listening to four friends talk about life and crack jokes. Sometimes it just makes me laugh my heart out and forget about almost everything. 

Geeli puchi and Ankahi from Ajeeb Dastans

Netflix loves the concept of anthologies, and the latest Netflix anthology, Ajeeb Dastans, had many good and bad aspects, but two parts that brought a smile to my face are the third and fourth short films, Geeli Puchi and Ankahi. I don’t want to share any spoilers, but here is a disclaimer, you will fall in love with Konkona, Aditi Rao, Shefali, and most importantly, Manav Kaul (I wish I got to meet someone like him) 

*blushing so much that my face turned pink*

While watching Ankahi, the way they handled the story was so simple yet so complicated, it made me melt gradually, and towards the end, I was floored. Am I a part of the Shefali Shah fan club? Hell yes. Whereas Geeli Puchi made me laugh, cry, smile but mainly root for the characters. Towards the end, I was left in shock. Please watch the 2nd half of Ajeeb Dastaans please. 

Modern Love

This didn’t release in 2020 exactly, but if there is a series that can make me feel good and break me, it’s modern love and specifically the 3rd episode. As each conversation progresses, my heart sinks further and further, and towards the end, it pulls me up as well. There is a certain warmth to every episode that makes me root for the characters. 

[this is a short para because I am scared of giving spoilers]

Kumbalangi Nights 

Some movies make us melt slowly and gradually through the film, but this film grabbed my attention from the first minute. The characters in that movie are so natural and extremely relatable that you just hopelessly fall in love. Speaking of my favorite character in that movie, it’s Fanny, the youngest in the house and the most mature. While I root for the other characters as they have certain traits, Fanny is a person I look up to and seek in a best friend, and luckily I have them in my life. You know who you are. And the movie has some breathtaking visuals and soothing music. 

Mard Ko Dard Nahi Hota 

I watched this movie in an empty theatre and Oh my God! This is by far the wackiest Indian film I have ever watched. The movie showed a unique take on the angry Indian men’s portrayal in the 70s through Surya, who cannot feel pain at all. His innocence and his lack of awareness that the world is way beyond the 90s will make you root for him. But the show stopper is Gulshan Devaiah, who plays Jimmy and Mani. This movie has some breathtaking action sequences with is With some of the quirkiest characters and wacky writing. This movie will crack you up with innocence and will bring you to the edge of the seat during action sequences. This movie is criminally underrated. 

I wanted to add more movies and series to this piece, but the list is exceptionally long. In the end, I would like to say, Stay home, stay safe, and we are in this together. With loads of love and to try lifting the mood, just like how all the Brooklyn 99 trivia manages to fit in the iconic scene, I will also do the same.



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