Oh, family mine!


Your small fingers used to close around mine

Clutch them in a nervous grip

We would waddle along side by side

Braving the world, time and tide

That time you flew off the swing

My heart stopped dead

I fell down right next to you

Wishing I could share your pain

I was proud, so proud

To have you by my side

And now you’re a stranger

Oh blood of mine!

I know I hurt you so

When I told you I wanted a brother

I know I hurt you, by word and deed 

When all you ever did was look up to me

I know I loved you so

Still do, still do, so much it hurts

Only I forgot that I was acting quite contrary

I wasn’t there when you needed me

Oh! I should have been

It hurts,hurts so much when you turn away 

I wronged you, kicked you when you were down

Fought you for our parentsโ€™ love

Only, someday it crossed a line

A line I failed to see

Now you have not the will nor the patience 

To hear my pleas, my apologies

Now I’m left all alone

Wondering if you would forgive my follies

But Why should you

You are younger and I was cruel

Oh brother, my brother!

Oh blood of mine!

That day when I realised

That all life must one day end

I did not panic, did not cry

Only wished that you would live and I die

You used to call me cutie pie

Like I was all that mattered

Every time you berated me

You  left my heart in pieces

I gave u all the trouble I could

I used to drive you to anger

But I never once cried

For I knew you loved me still

Oh mother mine!

That day I heard you were hurt

I knew unadulterated fear

I couldn’t breathe, couldn’t think

I wished it was me instead

You were my rudder in the storm

My fount of unconditional love

Be it a good day or a bad one

I could always count on you

Oh father mine!

I knew then, as surely as I do now

Nothing keeps me this side of the veil

No dream, no goal, no glory

But your love

Oh family mine!


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7 thoughts on “Oh, family mine!

  1. Wow, this was…. deliciously painful, it made me really emotional reading this. Wonderfully written!

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