Second Thoughts


Yes, I got second thoughts

Under the radiant moonlight

I found a soothing darkness within it

And let it take control over my mind

It leaked from the broken window

Illuminating despondency within this child

Mortals chase me to stay by my side

Struggling to protect me from this infect

They mould my sadness to dexterity

And constructed a castle to protect

But what can a castle of sand do?

Under the shower the castle has no effect

I don’t know who will I trade with

My Perforate for their Perfect

When I see mortals being mortals

Yes, I live by my Second thoughts

But what else can I do?

When this low life has been bought


Yes indeed I have tried and gave my all

But when I see mortals being immoral

Only thing I can do; is accept the deep dark fall

Every day I live the life of a rock

Unnoticed and kicked by pedestrians

And Every night I present myself

On the other side of the valedictorians 

I am auctioned 

By the amount of abuse I can possess

Physically I stand strong

But my sanity is broken into pieces

I can’t write any more for anyone

My pen ran out of ink today

I craved on the paper with an invisible ink

Yet no words will be casted on the screen today

I thought I will be missed; I will be adored

If I took a trip back to my comfort place

I forgot I was a pedestrian punted pebble

A nobody replaced by another face

That night heavens rained and rained

The dark clouds poured tears for me

I was long dead for them

But now at least the sinner was set free

I danced blissfully to the edge of the aisle

I hugged myself cuz I had no one else to

As i jumped off with a smile

As I fell I saw where I was standing

I saw a younger me looking back

He had no grief but he was disgusted

Then, I didn’t realized what I lacked

But then again those second thoughts

Came back to ask me:

The uncanny man walking along the breeze

“Is this where I am supposed to be?”

Maybe yes, maybe no

But I guess it’s too late to be afraid

Cuz the mortals found another one of them

Sleeping gleefully under a soothing shade


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