A Conspiracy Out of this World

by:Anshuman Gupta

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‘Conspiracy Theories’ – the name was given to credible well-researched theories that go against the main narrative the government wants to propagate. There are seven billion people in this world yet such few theories are being bounced around by the brilliant minds of this planet. So many talented people were born into this world yet one single narrative? Coincidence? I DON’T THINK SO

*Ahem* Anyway, my point is that don’t believe everything you hear, son. Give your intelligence more credence than succumbing to the evil whims of corrupt governments and the secret universal government hiding in the shadows (alas a topic for another time). Don’t let them silence you and especially don’t let them ruin the mainstream spread of your work by allowing them to be slandered and labeled as ‘conspiracies’.

Of course, the biggest ‘conspiracy’ as the rich and snobby folk like to call it, is out of this world, literally. Tell me, my young disciples, what is it that you know about space? Is it all they have told you, or have you finally decided to think for yourself? When you look up into the sky, don’t you wonder what lies beyond? Are you content with getting answers from one source which has consistently misled masses in the past for their own nefarious gains? If you are a fellow supporter of the truth, keep reading.

Ahhh, ‘conspiracy’ theories about space are plentiful, aren’t there? Of course, there are some outlandish ones like the ‘Earth is flat’ circlejerk. Heh, those guys HAVE to be trolling, it makes zero sense otherwise that someone can be so foolish to believe such a thing when we have factual evidence to support the fact that the Earth isn’t flat, pfft no. It is impossible for Earth to be flat because the shape of the Earth is obviously


(The truth about Earth’s shape)


You thought I’d say its shape would be a sphere? Give me a break. I am not only smarter than flat earthers, but I also possess the intellect of not being able to be manipulated by the government and believe what the masses say that easily. Imagine jumping into that bandwagon *rolls eyes*

“But what is your source bro?”

SpongeBob. Spongebob Squarepants. The greatest and most intellectual show on the planet (Screw you Rick and Morty fans). Most people believe it’s just a funny kid’s show but they aren’t looking at the bigger picture. The creators of the show smartly put in the secrets of what they actually know about this world in a way that makes it unsuspecting to the authorities but easily viewable for the smart people (like me). 

“What aspect of SpongeBob Squarepants tell us about the true nature of Earth’s shape”

You know my friend, I don’t usually believe in spoon-feeding and extra exposition but I’ll give you a little taste.

Remember Sandy? The squirrel from SpongeBob? Remember how she wears a spacesuit? And, the most shocking piece of information, remembers that her home is situated in a hemisphere of air……..

Most people won’t understand what’s the correlation between all of this, but then again you aren’t ‘most’ people are you? Expand your horizons and embrace the truth: Earth is hemispherical, all the smart people know this. Why do you think Jeffrey Bezos, Elon Musk and Richard Branson are having a space war recently? To privatise commercial trips to space? Pfft, they may be capitalist pigs but they also are one of the most influential people out there. The reason is so they could see the truth for themselves.

“But we have pictures from NASA showing the Earth is indeed spherical”

As someone who has earned millions with doge coins, do you really expect me to believe NASA is smarter than Elon Musk in the sense they could travel in space much earlier than him? That they could put a man on the moon in the 1970s? 


The pictures NASA, the government agency, has provided are all fake. Meant to push forward a narrative to hide the truth from the people. Have a hard time believing that? What if I told you, the moon landing was faked? That Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin are con men?

The ‘American’ flag as we can see in this picture (I added pictures to my argument so I must be correct) is fluttering 

*Maniacal laughter ensues*

What these so-called scientists have told us is that space has no atmosphere, then how can a flag flutter if there is no air? Simple. Even a kid can figure this out, I have no idea how this deception has been maintained for so long, the secret universal government must have implanted mind controlling chips that I’m somehow immune to (alas, this too is a topic for another day).

Sure they have been so called ‘debunks’ to this argument or whatever. First of all I don’t even like the word debunk, it’s lame, second of all the government and mainstream media has lost my trust over the insidious deceptive acts they have committed over the years. So let’s ignore whatever debunks they have for us, they aren’t relevant.

If the flag fluttering for you isn’t enough, more reasons that lend credence to the fact the moon landing was faked is how in multiple photos Neil Armstrong’s shadow isn’t even visible for whatever reason, the shadows in the pics we have seen are more reminiscent to artificial lighting then an actual space adventure. The first footprint of Armstrong is of his left footprint then what we have been actually told and they are well preserved on the moon’s surface despite the lack of moisture. Heck there aren’t even any stars visible in the photos. It’s abundantly clear this was a sound stage production. As much as I mock the flat earth society, maybe their claims that Walt Disney funded this production has some credence after all….

I think one of the major reasons people have trouble accepting the truth is because they have become so conditioned with the lies that they are scared to face the consequences of knowing the truth, the burden isn’t meant for everyone it seems. But us select few, WE now know the truth.

Earth isn’t flat, but neither is it spherical. It is hemispherical, always has been. The moon landing and any other imagery by NASA is all but a ruse, a trick, a shadow on the wall. 

But why? Why does the government hide all of this from us? What are their plans? What do the billionaires plan to do with their space adventures, could they be our saviours? So many questions, so little answers.

The purpose of this article is to make you aware of how much slander the term ‘conspiracy theory’ actually is, an illusion to hide the truth. NEVER stop searching for what’s real! Especially when it comes to the limitless endless possibilities of space. Do aliens exist? Of course they do, they built the Pyramids obviously. But can they be hiding among us? Can they be planning an invasion? Are black holes actually wormholes through which they can travel and attack us? Are our government leaders secretly aliens in disguise? Have they discovered multiple universes? Did the Big Bang actually happen? Does the universe actually expand? I can’t give you all the answers for fear of my safety but I can ignite the flame that will lead to us making all this information available more publicly as we battle the naysayers and uneducated people of our society.

I’d like to end my piece with quotes inspiring us truth seekers to keep fighting for the truth against the tyranny of mainstream media and the government

“Mainstream media is the enemy… but now it’s time to act on the enemy before they do a false flag.”

“The more I’m persecuted, the stronger I get.”

~Quotes by Alex Jones, the ultimate truth seeker.


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  1. This was a blast to read! The satire is incredible and comes across really well, very well written👏

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