by:Arun and Rithika

 There are certain emotions that tend to resurface only when you’re watching a particular movie/show or listening to some songs. It’s like that for everybody, right? Because for me, I cannot just cry, so I make my environment very grim. It helps, believe me. Some situations in the movies or shows might trigger us, make us mad, happy, confused, and whatnot. What I’m trying to say is that multimedia is almost as if you’ve gotten vampiric powers. It heightens your emotions. I’ve actually learnt about new sorts of feelings or sensations after watching quite some movies and shows. Like, Call me by your name, Atypical, so on and so forth. I came to an understanding that it is okay to explore yourself. And after you find out who you are, it is also okay to be what/who you actually are. I’ve personally learnt a lot about gender fluidity, closeting, coming out, and introspection about who we actually are. We feel complicated, we feel overwhelmed, we feel joy, fear, and a lot more things. There were instances where I’d found solutions from a sitcom. And when I feel like I need familiarity with my life, I turn to a movie I’ve watched a million times. Or a particular episode where I could chant along with the dialogues of every character. We also catch ourselves saying that we have a comfort song, movie, show, or even some play. We turn to multimedia when we don’t want to feel alone, or when we don’t want to be in tune with reality. 

Have you ever felt fuelled after watching a movie where women were given a lot more importance than older days? Or where they’re portrayed to be very smart or inaction in very un-women fields? Many multimedia platforms now portray these things. It’s empowering for the upcoming generation to look at different racial women being in charge or taking charge. I was appalled the first time I watched a show called Agent Carter and one of the leading characters of the cast, being a very arrogant man, said and I quote, “Do as Agent Carter says.” That’s important because Agent Carter was a woman. There’ve been many instances where I’d felt proud. That is not a very common emotion I express in my daily life. Then again, when I’d taken the decision of wanting to become a writer, I was confused and scared to let my family know about that. Then again, a bunch of movies I happened to watch showed me that it’s okay to make odd choices in life. It’s going to be just as fine even if the path you’ve chosen doesn’t sit right with society. 

Eerie silence- and suddenly an outbreak of you shrieking(crying violently) – that’s the salutation you chose for your grand entrance into this planet. Notice the ambiance in the room, the rhythmic murmuring of your heart, the faint yet loud ticking of the doctor’s wristwatch. 

When Man became the conqueror of noises, he was able to instill emotions into the soul. Men have gone to the extent of using Theatricals to subjugate Pain, Hunger, Sorrow, and what not? – 

Julius Caesar ordered his men “Let the Show begin” – day and night of theatricals was their way out of a Famine. 

long-established, Cultures and Traditions have relied upon theatricals in the form of folklore to preach their people – their ways.  The form of street folklore authentically known as Ballad was the recitation of verses braided with nuances in tone that would arouse specific emotions in the listener. The fundamentals of the art had a grammar designed all for itself, mastering it was possible only by those artisans willing to dedicate their life and soul to the art. 

In Tamil Culture, the art form of “Theru-Koothu ” which literally translates to street drama. Artisans would wear heavy makeup and costume, dance, and recite myths. These were not only – a vital source of life lessons but also a means to instill the emotions associated while handling an alike life situation. 

In the modern-day film Industry, Acoustics play a very vital role in offering a seamless cinematic experience, they are responsible for the surge of emotions without which- movies would longer feel complete. 

The genres and subjects that can be addressed are infinite, what matters most is how it affects the thought process of the spectator. It has the true potential to address sensitive yet noteworthy aspects of our lives – one learns how to get through phases of life by seeking sense from such media.  

During the fight for Independence in India, Freedom used not weapons but poetry to aggravate Patriotism and harvested the strength of union. The poets were both the voice and echo of the people – both at the same time. 

They amplified thoughts into verses that shouted the foreign power’s way – out of our country. 

Having not reached the Technological breakthroughs – man was going to see in the next 50 years, he didn’t have access to media. Theatricals and concerts were the only sources of entertainment and infotainment that was easily accessible and when administered properly, can be used to revolutionize an entire nation. 

Say not in grief he is no more, but live in thankfulness that he was.

Goes the proverb. Cultures celebrate Death as an integral part of one’s life – what began must end! The Tamil culture has a peculiar way of bidding farewell to the demised soul – The “Parai” is a set of “melam” – translated as an array of music notes, defined in such a manner – induces dance without effort seamlessly. Such action might be portrayed as disrespect to the demised however helps the ones in sorrow forget the pain and rejoice in the farewell of the soul whose life has come to an end. Celebrating both good and bad is an emotion that needs more practicing


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