Our Life Together

by: Vaishnavi

Amidst all the chaos, there is always one voice that’s heard,
The voice of a friend, as melodious as a bird.
A friend is someone you can always count on,
Someone whose presence never lets you yawn.

Someone u can confide in,
And stays by your side through the thick and thin.
Countless memories, amazing experiences, and loads of fun,
They motivate you to shine brighter than the sun.

From having bizarre nights,
And whining about each other’s plights.
To those time consuming yet satisfying long calls,
And laughing when the other falls.

Playing games and shouting for no particular reason,
And at times accusing them of treason.
Posing for random pictures,
And keenly looking at them as though they are scriptures.

Dining in fancy places,
And after embarrassing ourselves, covering our faces.

Celebrating occasions with gifts and sweets,
Impromptu meets and acting crazy on the streets

Last-minute discussions before an event,
Being there for the other if they ever needed to vent
We’ve done it all
As far as I can recall

A peer is someone who is always willing to lend a helping hand,
Someone with whom u always thought of starting a band.
Honesty and loyalty are the key features,
Friends are the best teachers
They bring out the best in you,
I am eternally thankful and love my peers both old and new!


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  1. Old memories flashed through my mind while reading this warm piece and a smile appeared on my face.

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